Why All Marketers Should Use ClickFunnels (+4 Alternatives)

If your experience with ClickFunnels is anything like mine, then you probably stumbled upon it one day and are suddenly wondering what all the fuss about it is.

After extensive experience with ClickFunnels, I’ve come to realize why all marketers should use ClickFunnels.  By the end of this article, you too will realize why this is so.

The underlying principal of ClickFunnels is that it implements what is referred to as a sales funnel. What is a sales funnel you ask (or at least I did at first).

It is essentially a term that describes the process that the consumer goes through to reach the point of conversion.

Let’s break down what occurs at each step of a typical sales funnel:

Why All Marketers Should Use ClickFunnels

1. Awareness is located at the top of the funnel, which is the largest part because this stage is where you will attract the most people to your offer. At this point, the consumer has become aware of what the offer is, although they do not know the specific details of what this offer entails.

2. Interest is the next step in the funnel. Once individuals have become aware of your offer, some of them will take interest. This is when the offer should be glorified. This is the point in the funnel where specific details of the offer should be given that project the offer as very high value. Explanations of why it’s needed, how it will benefit the consumers, etc. are what we are looking for here.

3. Decision is the make or break point in the funnel where the consumer will decide whether or not to take action based on their perception of the information given in the Interest section. If they have become very interested by the offer, they will proceed further down the funnel. If they do not, there’s always the chance they will come back to the offer another time, they did make it this far down the funnel after all.

4. Action. The consumer has made it through the entirety of the funnel and through flawless implementation of a sales funnel, they’ve decided to take action and purchase the offer. Perhaps a very tempting sale or discount was mentioned in the previous stage that lead them to action, or perhaps a specific feature of the offer particularly sparked their interest.

There may be more steps in the sales funnel, hence why I’ve left empty spaces at the top and bottom of the funnel. For example, the top of the funnel could be Google/Facebook advertising (the method of attaining awareness) and the bottom of the funnel could be a follow up email or adding the customer to an email list. These blank parts of the funnel will vary for everyone and they won’t be part of your actual sales funnel created with ClickFunnels.

Why use ClickFunnels?

Why Use ClickFunnels

The reason why marketers use ClickFunnels is because there is such an abundance of resources and capabilities that it has compared to its competitors.

Here are some of the distinguishing features of ClickFunnels:

– Funnels can be shared amongst the ClickFunnels community and users can create high converting funnels that they often share for free. When you are first starting with ClickFunnels, this is ideal because you will not have to design your own funnel.

– Once you’ve gained experience using ClickFunnels, you can create very high converting funnels tailored specifically to your offer/website. The drag and drop editor is easy to use and there is a large selection of elements to include on your funnel page.

– Largest community. This is a big feature because it means that there is a lot of support and knowledge that is easily accessible. Need advice on a particular landing page? Ask some of the experts from the ClickFunnels community or search your inquiry and you may find someone has already answered a similar question to yours!

What about the cost of ClickFunnels?

What is the price of ClickFunnels

Well, to be perfectly honest it’s kind of pricy! How Pricy? We’re talking $97 USD per month kind of pricy! This is the price of the basic plan which has been more than enough for me.

Is there a cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels?

Yes, there are a few cheaper alternatives, but they are just that – an alternative. What I mean by this is that they are not the same, and just like everything else in life, cheaper generally results in lesser. Unfortunately, that is no exception here.

Here are a few alternatives to ClickFunnels and my opinion on them:

1. Instapage: I list this as number 1 since it is the most similar in terms of features to ClickFunnels. The catch is that it is not cheaper, in fact it’s the exact same price, starting at $99 USD per month. Some say that their website and funnel editor runs slightly smoother and quicker than ClickFunnels, however it does have significantly less content which could be the reason for this. I’ll get straight to the point… ClickFunnels offers more for the same price.

2. SamCart: Don’t let the $49 USD per month plan fool you, it is only for a one page website. Unless that you only want a single, one page website, you’ll need to get at least the Grow plan. And the price is… you guessed it, $99 USD per month! Keep in mind, SamCart is solely for creating checkout carts and landing pages whereas ClickFunnels offers a full range of sales funnels. I wouldn’t consider SamCart unless you are running an ecommerce store and even then, it is highly debatable.

3. Thrive Themes: Finally, a cheaper option. Plans for individuals start at $19 USD per month. Thrive Themes is essentially a large collection of various plugins and tools specifically designed for WordPress websites. Some of these tools can be used to design sales funnels, however Thrive Themes is not a dedicated sales funnel builder and instead is more of a WordPress website building tool. ClickFunnels is still the far superior option for building sales funnels since it provides exponentially more options and is much more optimized. That being said, if you are looking to build a clean looking WordPress website, I would actually recommened doing so with ThriveThemes. I just wouldn’t use it specifically for sales funnels.

4. Zipify: This is an app for Shopify that can be used to create landing pages, upsells, and many other features to enhance your ecommerce store.  I’ve already wrote a full comparison of ClickFunnels vs. Zipify before so I’ll just say that pricing is around the same and it only integrates with Shopify.

How To Learn Digital Marketing With ClickFunnels

You’ll need to have a strong marketing background before you can start making any money using ClickFunnels.  For that reason I recommend taking a course like the digital course in Delhi for example. Getting training in digital marketing will help build your fundamental understanding of how marketing online works.

Honestly, anyone can learn this stuff and my thoughts before submersing my self in to this realm were that if they (These “gurus” you see on Youtube, Facebook, etc.) can do it, why can’t I? Luckily I maintained this mindset even when literally everyone told me it’s a gimmick, this that, blah blah. Eventually I found out that I can, and you can too.

There we go, enough motivational talk, now get out there are start earning with ClickFunnels!

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