TubeSiphon Review – 4 Steps To $1000+ Per Day On AutoPilot?


TubeSiphon is a new software plus course that claims to generate $1000+ per day with 4 simple steps all on autopilot.  Today we will verify whether this is possible or not.

What Is TubeSiphon?

There are two components to TubeSiphon, the software and the course..  We’ll discuss what each of them are and whether they’re legit or not.

Before beginning the review, here are the key features of TubeSiphon:

The Software

TubeSiphon features a powerful software that can generate a fully automated completely free, money generating website in just 4 quick and easy steps.  You don’t even have to pay for web hosting.  The neat part is that this generated website will contain other people’s content from YouTube!  

Is this legal?  Yes, it is fully legal and even ethical because embedding a person’s YouTube video in to your website is not stealing it.  It’s the equivalent of backlinking to it.  This means that it actually benefits the owner of the YouTube video since they’ll be getting additional views and enhanced search engine results.

TubeSiphon Review

Content Generation

Simply enter your niche, and select some YouTube videos you’d like to add to your website.  This is all done from within the cloud-based software.  No downloading required whatsoever.  

Your website will begin to populate with YouTube videos you chose in a visually appealing manner. 

Lead Generation

Website visitors to your TubeSiphon website will be greeted with a lead capture page.  This is fully automated as well when you generate your website.  

The lead generation feature will help you build up your email list in the niche you’ve targeted.  

Commission Generation

Once your TubeSiphon website has been populated with content, you can start to add affiliate products.

Simply insert your affiliate links in to the software and it will generate buttons for you.  There is also a shop option within your website where you can add e-commerce products to earn extra commissions.

In addition to the commissions, you’ll also earn membership fees for people who sign up to the membership area of your website.

The Course

The course will teach you how to get the most out of your automated TubeSiphon websites.  Although there is no maintenance required for these websites, there are a few things you must do to actually get traffic and commissions.

Free Traffic

The most important part of monetizing your websites will be getting traffic to them.  Without traffic, you’ll never earn any money at all from these sites.

 The TubeSiphon course teaches powerful free traffic methods that keep steady flow of targeted visitors to your websites.  Not only will you be generating commissions from your affiliate links, ecommerce products and membership fees, but you’ll also be building up an email list for free.

An email list, like your website, will also bring in a steady and never ending flow of income.

Email Marketing

All emails you collect from your website will also be a huge source of income.  In the course, you’ll learn how to implement automated email sequences so that your entire website/email list empire is fully automated and passive income producing.

This part of the training is very powerful because you’ll be shown how to simply use proven, high converting email copy that will be provided to you.  Yeah, you heard that right!  You don’t even have to write the emails yourself!

TubeSiphon Pricing & Guarantee

The price of TubeSiphon varies depending on which package you select.  The pricing ranges anywhere from $21.97 to $197.  Keep in mind the prices will go up soon due to high demand.

Plan Prices


Pro plan
$ 21
  • Automated Passive Income
  • Free Traffic + Website + Lead Generation
  • Scalable With Multiple Websites

Money Back Guarantee

It’s always reassuring to know there is a money back guarantee.  This is a great sign that the product works.

Glynn, the creator, stands behind his product with confidence offering a 100% money back guarantee.  It’s worth noting that he is a super affiliate that has created many really good courses in the past as well.

money back guarantee

Tons Of Bonuses

To be honest, I have a ridiculous amount of bonuses to offer you with this product.  If you buy TubeSiphon through any button on this page, simply send me the receipt at and I’ll send you all of these bonuses:

Affiliate Traffic Lab

Bonus #1: Affiliate Traffic Lab Membership 

Bonus #2: $2K CPA Traffic Jacker

Bonus #3: $100 CPA Daily

Bonus #4: $100 CPA Daily

Bonus #5: $300 CPA Every Day

Bonus #6: $500 CPA Every Day

Bonus #7: Commission Profit Hack

Bonus #8: The CPA Coffee Shop Method 

Bonus #9: Emergency New Years Cash

Bonus #10: Fast Track Affiliate Marketing Power

Bonus #11: Million Dollar Toolbox

Bonus #12: Overnight Commissins

Bonus #13: Overnight Commissins

Bonus #14: Pure Profit Payday

Bonus #15: Six Figure Influx

Bonus #16: Social Media Crusher

Bonus #17: The Commission Glitch

Bonus #18: The Commission Toolbox

Again, you will be getting all of these bonuses above plus more when you purchase TubeSiphon through this page.  Yes, it is a lot.  Kind of a no-brainer at this point right?

Overview Of TubeSiphon

So clearly this product has a lot to offer.  Let’s go over a few of the pros and cons of it:




My overall opinion is that this product is really good.  Is the $1000 per day realistic?  If you already have an email list yes.  If not, you can still expect excellent passive income from this.  In fact, even without an email list or any prior experience, scaling this to $1000 per day is definitely achievable. 

Personally, I’ve been making around $100-$300 per day with this and I’ve only invested about 45 minutes of my time in to it thus far.  I recommend throwing some Clickbank products in to your website.  Also, sign up for Amazon associates and put some relevant products on your site as well.