Toonly Review 2020

toonly review

This Toonly review will reveal the truth about this animated explainer video creator.  

Is it the best one?  Just how effective really are animated explainer videos?  Are there any cheaper or better alternatives?

All of these questions will be answered in this review.  In fact, by the end of this review you’ll know the underground secret of video creation that you will not want to miss out on!



The best cartoon video creator on the market by far.  I haven’t came across a better one yet.



Pricing plans offers a lot more than competitors and overall provides way more value.  i just wish it was a one-time payment rather than monthly/annually.

Ease of use


Super user-friendly interface.  The easiest software to use out of all animated video tools



Amazing support section and great response times.  Only improvement would be to add live chat.  That being said, the email support responds very quickly.

In this Toonly review I’ll be revealing my experience with this animated video creation tool. Video has become the most engaging and popular form of content. Getting your message across nowadays is best done with videos compared to text.

But did you know that animated video content is actually one of the most effective ways to educate an audience? There is quite a complex psychology behind why it works so well.

One of the reasons why is because animated content puts a persons guard down. This subconscious guard arises when a person feels like they’re about to be sold something.

Another reason why it’s so good is that it tends to go viral much easier. People like to share fun video content across social media.

The Big Issue With Animated Content


There is one big issue with animated or cartoon video content. That problem is that it’s super expensive to produce!

You need a professional artist who draws out each individual frame of the video with an expensive design software. Since this takes ages and requires an immense amount of experience, artists charge a lot for this service!

Toonly: The Solution To Animated Content

Luckily, there is an alternative. It’s Toonly! This one simple software literally saves thousands of dollars in video production. You can easily create an animated video in just 60 seconds.

There are no design skills required at all and it’s really simple to create videos, even if you’re not tech savvy whatsoever!

It’s perfect for anyone who wants to create professional looking super engaging videos!

Among many things, lot’s of people use it for:

What is Toonly?

what is

Toonly is an animated explainer video creation software that saves tons of time and money. There are tons of templates and animations already available to put in your video. Toonly is made by the same creators of Doodly which is a very similar but for it’s used for creating cartoon sketches instead.

This software is perfect for businesses, teachers, entertainers or anyone who wants to create animated videos that are professional quality. Explainer videos designed with Toonly convert extremely high for anyone trying to sell a product or service with the videos.

Animated explainer videos also make for excellent educational content that keep people interested and watching. I use Toonly for YouTube videos and my audience absolutely loves them! I’ve had so many people ask me what I used to create these videos that I just decided I would write this full Toonly review!

How do you use Toonly?

how to make

Toonly uses a simple drag and drop video creator to create videos. You can select an animated character from the library of characters to include in your video. There are lots of images, templates, backgrounds and more to choose from when using Toonly.

You can quickly select transitions for between scenes too and get creative with the style of animation for your scene transition. Animated explainer videos have never been easier to create.

One of my favorite features is the custom whiteboard that you can add to any scene. This is great for educational videos and you can add text to this whiteboard.

Toonly videos can be used for online marketing on Facebook and they perform exceptionally well. In fact, you can promote a well designed animated explainer video on any social media platform and it can quickly explode in popularity.

People find these types of videos very shareable since they never have an overly aggressive sales-y vibe. Even if you are pitching a sale for any sort of product or service, it comes across in a very non-threatening matter when explained using animated explainer video content.

Is Toonly any good?

good or bad

Toonly is one of the best softwares for creating animated explainer videos in my opinion. I can’t stress the effectiveness of these type of videos enough in this Toonly review.

I get that not everyone realizes how well this style of content performs and that is why I decided to create this review. I think this explainer video software is really underrated and deserves to get more attention!

What to use Toonly for

what to do

There are many applications where this video creation software will come in handy. Some of these might actually surprise you.

For example, many businesses have started using Toonly animated explainer videos in their support section to explain frequently asked questions. The result? Way less support tickets and calls! This can save lots of money for businesses that spend too much on customer support agents. Having text to explain FAQ just isn’t the same.

People have such small attention spans now that they are much quicker to pull out their phone to call or email you rather than read a long chunky piece of written content explaining the answer to their question. Explainer videos effectively help solve this problem.

Another common use for Toonly videos is storytelling. No matter what the goal of the video is, telling a story with animated content to match the story is amazingly engaging. Conversion rates will skyrocket when this strategy is combined with selling a product/service or even just generating a lead.

Toonly Pricing


How much does Toonly cost? There are two plans available:

– Standard plan $39/month ($20/mo paid annually)

– Enterprise plan $69/month ($40/mo paid annually)

The Standard plan offers 30 characters, 17 character animations, over 1000 prop images, 139 backgrounds, 20 premade scenes, 21 scene transitions, 20 background audios, 3 text animations, access to create unlimited videos and much more.

The Enterprise plan offers 82 characters, 30 character animations, over 2000 prop images, 71 backgrounds, 10 premade scenes, 101 scene transitions, 142 background audios, 5 text animations, access to the Toonly club where you’ll get new characters and props monthly and of course unlimited videos and much more.

You must download the Toonly software to use it. You can use your Toonly software on multiple computers and it’s available for both PC and MAC.

Toonly Guarantee


Toonly has a no questions asked 30-day money back guarantee for any plan and payment frequency. This makes it completely risk-free to get this explainer video software and give it a try.

I firmly believe that any company offering a risk-free money back guarantee like this is very confident in their product. If you do decide Toonly isn’t for you, all you have to do is reach out and the premium support will promptly get your refund for you.

Cool Features


There are many awesome features included with this software. Although there are way too many to list them all, I’ll discuss a few of my favorites.

The first is the range in video quality. You can create videos with quality anywhere from 360p resolution all the way to 4k! I don’t know of any other explainer video maker that has the option to create 4k videos!

Another is that you can actually import your own fonts and upload your own images, audio and voiceovers!

The drag and drop creation makes it all to easy to get started.

Even if you have difficult with anything, there are tons of tutorials and the support is always available to help… which brings us to our next point.

Toonly Support

The support section has a huge FAQ section that is very helpful. It is basically a full knowledge base of information about how to use this software.

If for whatever reason, you can’t find the answer to your question in this huge support section, there is still a solution. The Toonly email support team can be reached at and they are very quick to respond.

Although they say it could take as long as 24 hours in rare cases for them to respond, it never has for me. In fact, I’ve reached out to their email support team a few times and I received a response in less than 20 minutes!

I like that they have so many tutorials, lessons and courses available on the website to answer pretty much every question. It’s ironic that they actually use their own explainer videos for their tutorials!

Are their cheaper or better alternatives?


Before recommending this product, I want to be absolutely certain that it is the best. So I explored other options and alternatives. What I found is that while there are good alternatives for regular video content creation (not animated), there are no cheaper or better alternatives than Toonly when it comes to animated explainer videos.

Toonly is simply the best. The alternatives I tried like Animaker for example weren’t as user friendly or had much less high quality animated content to choose from. The amazing and readily available content Toonly provides to insert in your videos is not something to be taken for granted.

You won’t find a better software to create animated explainer videos anywhere else. The user friendly interface, drag and drop creation along with the tons of professional templates and features make it unbeatable. Not to mention the subscription price is excellently affordable.

That being said, if you want to have sketches instead or cartoon animations for your videos, then Doodly is a great option. It’s made by the same people as Toonly so you know you’re still getting the exceptional quality they provide.

One good alternative

However, if you or your business are not necessarily looking for cartoon style animated videos in particular, I did find a good altnernative. This alternative, similar to Toonly, is great for sales and internet marketing as well as just general video content creation.

It is called Viddyoze. There are a few nice things about it. One being that when you buy it, it’s just a one-time purchase and there are no monthly payments.

It also has tons of templates to start making professional quality videos.

Another awesome thing about it is that it is a completely cloud-based software! No download required! This allows you to free up some disk space on your computer and also access it from any device anytime!

It may be worth trying this one out if you aren’t necessarily dead set on just animations for your videos. I’ve personally had a great experience with it.

My experience with Toonly

what i think

I’ve had a great experience with Toonly and I’ve been a long-time customer on the Enterprise plan. It has honestly saved me tons of hours and money.

My favorite part about being the Enterprise plan is getting new characters and content every month. Every time new stuff is released, I always get excited to make a new video.

Actually, using this software has made me generally a lot more enthusiastic about creating videos. I actually enjoy it now and it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Before when I was still experimenting with low quality tools and programs, I kind of hated making videos because of how annoying and glitchy all of the low quality alternatives were.

I always kept searching until I came across Toonly because I disliked every other software. Sometimes I would be almost done creating a video and then BAM! It would freeze and I lost my entire video! This happened to me on multiple occassions with several different softwares.

I’ve been using Toonly for a long time now and this has never happened yet. I don’t expect that it ever will because it never even freezes and they are frequently updating it to keep it optimized.

The nice part is that you don’t have to actually update the software yourself, it is automatically done whenever you’re connected to the internet.

Conclusion of Toonly Review

My final thoughts on Toonly are that it is simply amazing. I really highly recommend that you try it. If you’re on the fence about it, I hope this Toonly review helped you decide how you’d like to proceed.

Just remember, there are many advantages to becoming a member of Toonly. Not only are you part of a community of successful video creators, you yourself will also become a successful video creator.

The future is video content. Not that it is some new revelation or anything but written content is not absorbed nearly as easily in today’s age with the average human attention span being that of a gold fish. Keep in mind, less than 50 years ago the average attention span was 12 minutes!

Times have changed and in order to keep up with them, creating animated explainer videos with Toonly is a huge step in the right direction.

Toonly Review [2020] - 3 Reasons Why I Like This Video Maker

This Toonly Review will Reveal the TRUTH About this Animated Explainer Video Creator. Is it the Best One? Just How Effective Are Animated Explainer Videos?

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