Provely Review 2020

provely review

Provely is a social proof software that adds real-time social proof to your website. 

By simply adding one line of code to your site, you can instantly have social proof appear on your website.  Why would you want this?  Well, Provely has claimed that this proof app can boost conversions by over 250%.

In this Provely Review we will find out if this is really all it is worked up to be.  How effective is it and what are some realistic results that you can expect?  These questions will be answered!  Continue reading to find out.



Provely has proved *no pun intended* to be extremely effective.



Let’s be honest, the price is a steal. Can’t complain at just $97 per year. Or $17 per month.

Ease of use


I don’t think it’s even possible for something to be easier to use…



There isn’t much need for support but regardless it’s still there!

What does Provely do?

Provely is a social proof software that uses the power of social validation and proof to justify a purchase.  The psychology and influence this proof app has on people can dramatically improve your conversion rates.  No matter what your service or product is, social proof can boost your profit and success.

By inserting a simple piece of code in to your website you can easily start using the Provely software to show real-time events happening on your website.  You can customize your social proof pop ups on your website as well to color match your website, show certain information like location and name, etc. 

Don’t have much traffic or stuff going on with your website? Don’t worry about it! As you’ll find out, this social proof app can also make your website appear like the happening spot even if it isn’t!

Why is social proof important?

Social proof is important because social media has become a place where people seek validation.  To get an appreciation for how effective Provely is, you must first understand just how huge social influence is right now.  One of the main reasons that anyone buys something is for validation.  Sure, sometimes there is logical reasoning behind purchases, but you’d be surprised how even things that seem logical are emotional purchases instead.

Social media is more relevant than ever especially for brand awareness.  It has also become the number one place to advertise for businesses as well.  Gone are the days of billboards and cable TV commercials (for the most part). 

There has been wildly successful new brands that run exclusively from social media.  Using influencers and social proof all across social media platforms has been the only thing that lead to there colossal success.  Think of brands like HiSmile, Fashion Nova, and many more.  

Also there are tons of brands killing social media right now to really boost their profits.  Examples of best brands on social media right now are Wendy’s, Starbucks, Nike and tons of others.  

On the contrary, many big brands have gone bankrupt and utterly failed because their old fashioned stubborn CEO’s and executives refused to keep up with the times.  Don’t be that guy that thinks your too good or something to keep up with the times and do what is proven to work right now.  Sears, Toy R Us and some others are examples of huge companies that completely failed to engage on social media and are now worthless disasters.

provely review

How to install Provely on your website

It is as simple as adding a little piece of code.  Once you’ve installed Provely on your website it will automatically start auto-detecting and displaying new sign-ups or conversion events on your site.  I’d also like to point out that this requires absolutely no technical experience at all!  You’ll be provided with detailed instructions on where to insert the code and exactly how to install Provely so they make it very technically simple for you.

Here is the 2 step process to getting started:

One of the first things I did was build and design my pop up widget. Match it to the style of your website to make it look cool! You can also customize what information you want your pop up to display.  Do you want to show what recent customers are buying?  Or maybe you want to show who is signing up to your newletter?  Whatever it is, you can customize your pop up widget so that it displays the exact event you’d like to provide social proof for.

Once you’re all done making it look nice, you simply embed the code on to your website.  You can embed it to a specific page within your website or across the entire website on every page!

social proof

So as you can see it really is super simple.  Who said getting social proof on your website had to be difficult!  Feel free to create your Provely account anytime throughout this review with the provided buttons! 

Provely Features

Provely has basic features that work really well.  There really isn’t any need to over complicate a social proof software like this.  I think they’ve done an excellent job of keeping it simple while remaining highly effective.

3 Provely Campaign Types


This campaign type displays events, signups, leads or sales in real-time on the page or entire website. If you already have lots of activity on your website, this is the one of best options for you.


Have all events over a specified time display in rotation rather than live events.  This one is excellent if you’re not getting a lot of sales or leads everyday.  It really gives the appearance of being well established.

Past Data

Not getting daily traffic or just getting started up?  This one is your best bet.  It’s going to show any historical data or leads, signups, sales or any events.  It’s always hard getting out of that start up phase, this will give you the boost you need.

Complete Widget Customization

Choose from a huge library tons of professional pop up templates. You can design your own style of pop up which I really like.  Since everybody has a different looking website, Provely realized that this proof app isn’t a one size fits all and added tons of templates and design features.

provely widget

Of course, they didn’t just stop at templates.  Take your customization a step further with the full color scheme design.  Choose color pairings with your templates that match each individual page on your site.  Or apply one single color scheme for your whole site!

provely software color scheme support

Location and Frequency

If you run a website for a local business, you’ll want to take advantage of the custom location display.  You can actually choose to only display social proof events from certain countries or areas.  Pretty handy right?

Oh, also you can change the frequency of Provely pop ups.  Want a social notification to pop up every 5.224 seconds?  Okay well it may not be that precise but Provely has got you covered!


My final thoughts about Provely are that it’s an excellent product and really well priced! It’s honestly way undervalued and also underestimated!  Try it out risk-free today and you’ll be surprised how pleasantly people respond to a bit of social proof on your website.

Provely Review [2020] - Best Proof App Boost To Conversions?

Provely Is A Social Proof Software That Claims To Boost Conversions By 250%. Is This True? Discover The Shocking Reason Why This FREE Secret Will Actually...

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