9 Proven Ways To Make Money With SamCart – Actionable

It’s 2020 and this day and age, I believe there are really no excuses why you can’t start making money online.  That’s why today I’ll be giving you 9 proven and actionable ways to make money with SamCart that you can implement right now.

9 Proven Ways To Make Money With SamCart

1. Cold Calling Businesses

Search the web for businesses that have basic looking websites and call them up.  Follow the hook, story, offer format that preaches when making your calls.

Explain to them how their website could be vastly improved by joining SamCart, show them examples of excellent websites built with SamCart that other businesses are using.

This method can be applied for nearly any type of business like a real estate firm, restaurants, contracting  companies, consulting companies and the list goes on…

Remember that you must get the business you are calling to sign up to SamCart through YOUR affiliate link.  The best way to do this is to tell them you’ll send the link to sign up to SamCart via email. Add some extra value in the email by recommending certain page templates that would suit their specific business.

2. Dropshipping

Build a sales funnel for a single drop shipping product.  You can start with using Aliexpress as the supplier, however once sales increase you should find a private supplier for the product.

There are many excellent templates for selling products with SamCart .  The first page of your funnel should showcase the product and have a shipping information form on the page.  Saving the payment information form for the next step in the funnel is proven to increase conversion rates.

21 Proven Ways To Make Money With SamCart - Actionable

Use the upsells and downsells in your sales funnel to increase profits by providing a post purchase upsell offer.  The upsell offer should typically be just more of the same product for a discounted rate but depending on the product it may be better to offer a different, relevant product for the upsell offer.

3. Create A Course With An Affiliate Program

Create your own paid course that teaches how a very specific demographic can use SamCart to their advantage.  An example would be making a course specifically for Rhinoplasty Surgeons about how they can massively increase leads by designing a high converting lead funnel for their business.

Record video content showing how the Rhinoplasty company can use SamCart.  Take the time to build an excellent funnel specifically for them so that all they have to do is replace the elements in the funnel with their own information.  This should be a strong selling point for your course that should be mentioned.

Include a document with your course that provides your affiliate link for the company to sign up to SamCart through.  It should be mentioned in the course to sign up to SamCart through your provided link.

Create an affiliate program for your course, this can be done by adding the course to ClickBank or JV Zoo.  To make your course stand out from the rest, offer a 100% commission payout to your affiliates.  This will generate the most traffic possible and you will make your SamCart affiliate commissions in the back end when people sign up to SamCart from your affiliate link provided in the course.

4. Create A Blog Promoting Samcart

Start a blog and write articles about Samcart and include affiliate links in the anchor text of your articles.  You can easily start a WordPress website and host your website with a web hosting provider like SiteGround or Bluehost.

Your articles should be about content relevant to SamCart that use relatively high converting keywords.  A good example is writing an article topic about “ClickFunnels vs. Samcart” or “SamCart Review”.

To get traffic to your blog, you’ll need to optimize the website for search engines (check out SEO tips here) and make sure your content is good quality with no fillers.  Gain awareness to your articles by sharing them on social media and relevant forums, outreaching to other blogs for guest posts backlinking to your website and advertising your articles on Facebook.

5. Become A Website Design Consultant

Follow the same principles at method #1 by reaching out to businesses and telling them about SamCart.  The difference here is that you’ll be offering to build their funnels/web pages for them and therefore you’ll be charging them a fee for this service.

If the business isn’t already on a SamCart plan, make sure they sign up through your affiliate link as well to get even more out of this method.

Being a website design consultant will require a fair amount of experience building optimized funnels so you should take the time to become familiar with the funnel editor and practice designing nice looking funnels.  You should also know what kind of funnels will benefit which type of businesses.  For example, many businesses that provide a service with benefit from lead funnels while businesses that sell a physical product may benefit more from a video sales funnel or sales letter funnel.

6. Sell A Paid Course/Webinar

SamCart is a great platform for hosting a video course.  Webinar funnels offer a great opportunity to promote a live training session.

Create your course about anything you have knowledge of or research a particular topic.  If you are a professional chef, create a course called “The Untold Secrets Of Cooking Incredible Meals From An Experienced Chef” or something along those lines.  It is up to you whether you choose to do a live webinar presentation or a just a plain video page.

There are plenty of page templates you can use to present your course.  Usually the first page of the funnel will be the hook, story and then offer.  This first step in the funnel is not the course itself but rather a promotion of the course that initiates purchases of your course.

Selling A Paid Course

It is important to have an email opt-in somewhere in the beginning of your funnel so that you can continue promoting to your course to those who did not purchase right away but opted in via email.

To gain traffic to the offer for your course, advertise it on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube or a particular social media platform that is popular for the niche of your course.  If it’s a cooking course, advertise it on Pinterest, cooking forums, create a Youtube video, or create an affiliate program for your course on ClickBank or JV Zoo.

If you choose to create an affiliate program for the course, you should provide a commission payout of at least 50% but it shouldn’t be too high or else you won’t make much profit.

7. Pitch SamCart In Person To Local Businesses

This method can be done in combination with method #1 and #5 where you are cold calling businesses.  You can cold call local businesses and set up a meeting to pitch SamCart to them.

As an even more aggressive alternative, you can walk right in to the storefront/office of these businesses and present SamCart to them in person.  This will require preparation in advance for each business.  Do your research on the business, show exactly how you can benefit them.  Once you’ve helped out a few businesses, use them as referrals in your future pitches by showing their results and even offering their contact info so they can vouch for you.

This is a surprisingly effective method and it’s all about presentation.  When visiting a business, you should present yourself as a very sophisticated person, wear a suit, tell your hook, story and offer.

Most importantly, ensure that they sign up on the spot through your affiliate link.  Have a website they can sign up through or email them in advance before visiting.  When pitching SamCart in person, you want them to sign up right then and there.

Before your presentation say something like “Before I tell you exactly how you can gain way more leads, all I ask is that by the end of this presentation you give me either a yes or a no.  Is that fair?”.  Many people may feel uncomfortable saying something fairly aggressive such as this, if so then this method may not be for you.

8.  Build Email Lists For Email Marketing

An email opt-in page that has a really high conversion rate is the lead magnet funnel.  To effectively use a lead magnet funnel, provide something of value for free in exchange for the email.

An easy way to find value to give out is to buy PLR products or find free ones online.  E-books and video courses that are relevant to your niche work great.

This method can be used in combination with method #4 by adding an email opt-in on your blog.  If your using WordPress for your blog, Thrive Leads is a great paid plugin for designing email opt-ins on your blog.

If you don’t have a blog, advertise your lead magnet funnel on Facebook, Instagram and any social media platform or forum that has people interested in your niche.

Connect your lead magnet funnel to an email marketing software so that you can automate your email newsletters.  One of the best email marketing softwares is GetResponse and you can create multiple lists and build different automation email sequences for different lists.

When sending emails to your email list, make sure some emails just contain free value while others promote affiliate offers.  Alternatively, you can sell your course, promote your Youtube videos, or offer just about anything in your emails.

Many affiliate offers have great email templates that have been tested that you can use.  Warrior Plus has great courses that you can promote in your emails for huge commission payouts.

Speaking of courses, this leads us to our next method…

9. Promoting SamCart Courses

There are many ways you can promote these courses.  SamCart has excellent courses such as The 4X Formula, Free + Shipping Video Course and the 10 Secrets To 6 Figures webinar course. In your affiliate dashboard, there are tons of email templates you can use as well that are completely done for you and you just have to paste your affiliate link in to them!

Make reviews/testimonials for these courses on your blog or Youtube channel.

Promote Russell Brunson's ClickFunnels Courses

You can apply a lot of the methods already mentioned so far to promote these SamCart courses.

Another great way is to make a video sales letter funnel with your review of the course.  In the video sales letter, have a big button underneath the video that has your affiliate link to the course your reviewing.  You can include your own bonuses that you send to anyone who purchases the course through your link.

Advertise the video sales letter funnel on Facebook, Instagram and Google.  You can target specific interests in your advertising demographic such as digital marketers, online advertisers, etc.


If you’re ready to start earning money today, then take action and get to work using the tips I’ve mentioned above.  One of the biggest road blocks taking action and focusing on one thing.

When I was just starting to learn about making money online, like many, I had a bad case of the “shiny object” syndrome.  This means that I was constantly reading about new methods to make money online that I thought were the hidden secret and as a result I never focused on one thing long enough to make any money.

If you one thing away from this article, it’s that you should focus on just one or two methods and become a master at them.  As tempting as it is to move on to the next “secret quick method”, don’t fall for it.  It took me over a year to realize this, so I hope you let my experience influence you to focus and develop a skill in a select few areas and use those skills to start earning now.

Take action now and if you have any questions at all, leave a comment below and I’ll help you out!

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