Leadpages Pricing And Review 2020 – Is It The Best Or What?

So you’re looking to build a landing page and you came across Leadpages.  

You search for some more information and a second opinion on Leadpages other than from their own website and you end up here.

Well, congratulations, you’ve done well and you are on the right track to learning more about Leadpages from an unbiased source, myself.  Now let’s begin with the Leadpages Pricing and Review 2020:

What Is Leadpages Used For?

Leadpages is used for creating landing pages, building a high converting website, developing ads for Facebook and Instagram, increasing website speed and response times, optimizing your website for search engines and analyzing performance of landing pages and ads.  

Leadpages Pricing and review 2020

“Whoa, that’s a lot of stuff”, you might be thinking.  Yes, Leadpages is a relatively newer service that has recently began rapidly expanding and improving what they offer. 

Does Leadpages have a site builder?

Yes, this is a new feature that they have added and it really improves the value of the service since you can basically replace Leadpages with your website host, landing page creator, SEO optimizer and ad designer.  

does leadpages have a site builder

My experience with the site builder has been pretty good so far and the reviews for it are also great.  It is similar to other basic website builders in that it doesn’t require any coding knowledge and is simple to use.  Many people have reported that it actually works better than website hosts like Squarespace and Wix. Also, using Leadpages eliminates the need for installing a bunch of plugins on your website builder since it already offers so much.  This is great because having excessive plugins on your website can slow it down.

Leadpages Key Features:

– Site Builder

– Unlimited Landing Pages, Leads, Traffic, Pop-Up Forms & Alert Bars

– Facebook/Instagram Ad Builder

– Mobile Responsive Pages

– Built-in Lead Magnet Delivery System

– SEO-friendly templates

– Over 40 Integrations

– Automatic Facebook Pixel Tracking

– 99.9% Uptime

– Widget Add-ons (Countdown timers, video, text, images, OpenTable, and more)

– Access To Exclusive Virtual Workshops + Knowledge Base

What Does Leadpages Integrate With?

Leadpages does not skimp out on integrations, the 40+ integrations include Infusionsoft, WordPress, MailChimp, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Zapier integration and much more.

Why Use Leadpages?

Use Leadpages if you are looking for a simple, all in one solution to building a marketing or ecommerce website.  I’ve browsed through the features of Leadpages enough since starting my free 14 day trial to know that you aren’t going to get the quality of landing pages that you’d get with ClickFunnels, and you won’t get the some of the more advanced ecommerce features of Shopify.  That being said, Leadpages is a more well rounded option for someone who wants a little bit of everything.

 How To Use LeadPages

I would rank the user friendliness of Leadpages somewhere between Shopify and WordPress.  What I mean by this is that it is easy to use for the most part like Shopify, and there are a few more advanced capabilities that you can explore like WordPress.

how to use leadpages

If you have used any other site builder like Squarespace or Wix, you’ll have no problem creating and designing a nice looking website with the Leadpages sitebuilder.

As for the Leadpages landing page builder, they’ve followed the same method as pretty much every other landing page builder – the Drag & Drop. Once we get in to the pricing you may wonder why this service is surprisingly cheap.  We’ll get it in to that more in the Pricing section but for now I’ll just say that there are some limited features.  

How To Add Leadpages To WordPress

  1. Once you’ve created your Leadpages account, log in to it.
  2. Head to the Landing Pages dashboard.
  3. Click the 3 horizontal dots on the right side of any published post.
  4. Select Publishing Options.
  5. Select the WordPress & HTML option near the top of the window.
  6. You’ll see a phrase that says “Don’t have our WordPress plugin yet? Download Now.”
  7. Click Download Now and a ZIP file should start downloading.
  8. Log in to your WordPress Site Builder and select Plugins from the Dashboard.
  9. Click Add New and then click Upload Plugin. 
  10. Select the ZIP file that you downloaded and click Install Now.
  11. Click Activate Plugin.

After you’ve followed these steps, you should have the Leadpages plugin accesible from your WordPress Dashboard.  You can now start publishing landing pages, pop-up forms, alert bars and more.

How To Integrate Leadpages With Mailchimp

Firstly, it should be noted that this can only be done with manager-level permission or high in Mailchimp.

  1. Generate and copy an API key from Mailchimp by going to the API Keys section of your Mailchimp account and copying an existing API key or creating a new one.
  2. Add the API key to Leadpages by going to the Integrations tab and clicking Add an Integration
  3. Select More Services, and then select Mailchimp and enter the API key.

Leadpages Pricing

All plans come with a 14-day risk free trial.  There are currently 3 different plans offered. When selecting a plan, you can choose monthly or annual payments.  Annual payments are significantly cheaper per month (up to 39%) and include a free domain name. All plans include everything listed in the Key Features section unless otherwise specified.

leadpages pricing

Standard Leadpages Plan: $25 USD/month (paid annually) or $37 USD/month (paid monthly)

– Includes 1 site

– Email (no chat)

Pro Leadpages Plan: $48 USD/month (paid annually) or $79 USD/month (paid monthly)

– 3 sites

– Email & Chat

– Online Sales and Payments

– Unlimited A/B Split Testing

– Email Trigger Links

– 10 Opt-in Text Campaigns

Advanced Leadpages Plan: $199 USD/month (paid annually) or $321 USD/month (paid monthly)

– 50 Sites

– Priority Email, Chat & Phone

– Online Sales and Payments

– Unlimited A/B Split Testing

– Email Trigger Links

– 60 Opt-in Text Campaigns

– Advanced Integrations

– 5 Pro Sub Accounts

– 1 on 1 Quick Start Call

ClickFunnels vs. Leadpages

Even though I am an avid ClickFunnels user, I’m always on the look out for a cheaper alternative that can offer the same quality.  The truth is that I have yet to come across anything like ClickFunnels and as attractive as Leadpages seems at a starting rate of $15/month, it certainly won’t replace ClickFunnels.  Another important point is that ClickFunnels is a lot more than just sales funnels, it also offers a lot of the same features that Leadpages does such as a website domain & host, email service and more.

ClickFunnels vs Leadpages

Most of my content on this website is about sales funnels, but Leadpages isn’t really a sales funnel service, since you can only create single landing pages.  What I mean by this is that you can not create a series of pages that make up a sales funnel, rather you can just make a landing page. Overall, I still recommend that you buy ClickFunnels for sales funnel purposes although there may be a time and place for Leadpages.

Who Should Buy Leadpages

Anyone who needs a basic landing page creator that is mostly optimized for collecting leads through email opt-ins.  This in my opinion is where Leadpage excels. 

Anyone who wants a simple, all in one service for your website domain, website host, website builder, landing page creator, basic ad creator and email.  If you only need the most basic version of all of these services, you can save a lot of money by switching to Leadpages instead of paying for each individual service.

Final Thoughts On Leadpages

My final thoughts on Leadpages are somewhat positive.  For what it offers, the price is competitive and the quality seems alright but nowhere even close to ClickFunnels.  Just make sure you know what they’re offering, because Leadpages is not a service designed for creating sales funnels like some people think.

Leadpages Pricing And Review 2020 - Is It The Best Or What?

Well, congratulations, you've done well and you are on the right track to learning more about Leadpages from an unbiased source, myself.  Now let's begin with the Leadpages Pricing and Review 2020:

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