Is ClickFunnels Better Than Zipify? – Which Of The 2 Is The Best

Choosing a platform for creating a sales funnel can be a very difficult decision, especially when there is so many to choose from.

Of course there are many factors to take in to account when selecting your sales funnel provider such as ease of use, variety of options and capabilities, price, maximizing conversion rate, etc. These are some of the things I will be taking in to consideration during this comparison of ClickFunnels and Zipify.  Is ClickFunnels better than Zipify for everyone?  Let’s find out!

What Features Does ClickFunnels Have?

1. Excellent Sales Funnel Templates

The step by step process of creating a sales funnel in ClickFunnels is seamless, quick, easy and allows you to really narrow down on the specific audience your trying to attract. The layout of the funnel builder allows you to optimize your funnel exceptionally well. It all starts with selecting your funnel type.

Funnel Types

The Main Funnel Types For ClickFunnels:

– Lead Capture Funnels help to generate leads. These funnels are optimized for gathering email lists, gaining awareness and developing interest from the consumers.

– Sales Page Funnels will initiate a decision from the consumers to take action. This funnel is optimal for highlighting key features of the offer, gaining urgency, developing scarcity, etc. The thing about ClickFunnels is that it has so many elements (I’ll explain what elements are in the next section) to select from that allow you to effectively convey your message.

– Event Funnels allow the consumer to perform the desired action, whether that be purchasing a product, consulting a company, subscribing for a service, and the list goes on… The point is that each step along the way to guiding the consumer to action has been meticulously thought out with a funnel template provided for practically any scenario.

Let’s not forget that these are just the main types of funnels offered with ClickFunnels, there are TONS of different types to choose from that can be as specific as selling a low ticket item followed by a high ticket upsell (This one in particular is called the 2-Step Tripwire Funnel). Whatever your business model is, there is a funnel template for it.

2. Lots of Page Elements/Widgets Available

Not only is there lots of pre-made funnel templates to choose from, there is also lots of elements and widgets that can be used to make a very visually appealing and effective funnel. Let’s say for example that you want create a lead capture funnel that has a video and an opt-in form below the video. It’s as easy as selecting the video widget and the input form and inserting them on to the page. Just a few of the elements include photo, text, button, and headline boxes. Some more advanced elements include countdown timers, FAQ blocks, Facebook comments, progress bars, surveys, SMS signup, and custom HTML.

3. Very Intuitive Funnel Builder

The Drag & Drop Editor allows you to place each element in the perfect position that keeps the consumer engaged. There is absolutely no programming knowledge needed to create a professional looking page that will leave even the most experienced web developer in awe.

4. Incredible Affiliate Program

Once you’ve demonstrated your success in ClickFunnels, it will not be hard to convince others to sign up to ClickFunnels as well. Why might you share this best kept secret? Well because you will get a 40% recurring commission everytime someone signs up through your affiliate link at no additional cost for them!

But wait, there’s more… not only will you collect 40% of the ClickFunnels monthly plan costs, which range from $99 USD to $297 USD per month, you also get a 40% commission for anyone who purchases the Funnel Hacks program. Funnel Hacks ranges from $997 USD for 6 months to $1997 per year. I don’t think I need to show any calculations on that for you to realize that there are some serious affiliate commission earnings to be made with ClickFunnels.

5. Free 14-Day Trial Hassle-Free

The free 14-day trial immerses you in to the funnel so to speak and really gives you a great idea of what to expect if you were to go ahead to purchase a plan. There’s no “Lite Version” or limited capabilities stuff like trial versions for other things and you have full and complete access to ClickFunnels for a full 14 days. I think that the full access they provide during this free trial is something that shouldn’t be overlooked because it proves their confidence in the service that they offer.

6. Free Domain Name and SSL Certificate

Don’t have an existing website? No problem, when you sign up to ClickFunnels they will pay for your first domain name and will set it up with an SSL certificate. The SSL certificate means your website address starts with https:// instead of http:// and there will be a locked padlock in the address bar next to your website address. The certificate verifies that your website is secure and can be trusted for online transactions. This will significantly help with your google ranking, boost conversions, gain more trust with website visitors and overall just appears a lot more professional.

7. Huge and Helpful Community

The ClickFunnels community is very supportive and will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Head to the ClickFunnels Forum or check out the ClickFunnels Facebook Group to seek help. There is a wealth of information available between these two sources and they are very active. An added bonus is that many people in these communities share their funnels for you to use!

8. Integrates With Just About Anything

When it comes time to set up your payment settings, ClickFunnels can be integrated with many different payment gateways such as Infusionsoft,, Stripe, PayPal, ClickBank and many others.

Email marketing is no exception either. The more expensive plan includes Actionetics, ClickFunnels own email service provider. However, ClickFunnels can also be integrated with other email marketing softwares like GetResponse, MailChimp, Zoho, SendInBlue, and literally any other one you can think of. 

Is There Anything Bad About ClickFunnels?

Nothing is perfect, here are a few things that could be improved with ClickFunnels:

1. Limitations With Number Of Funnels, Pages and Visitors

The cheapest plan has certain limitations regarding usage of funnels, quantity of pages and visitors per month. These limitations include a maximum of 20 funnels, 100 pages and 20k Visitors per month. I have personally not had an issue with this because I only use ClickFunnels for my own websites however if you are offering services such as website design for others with ClickFunnels you may need the more expensive plan.

2. Can Be Slightly Overwhelming At First

Due to the massive selection of funnel templates, elements, widgets and sheer quantity of options, it can be a little difficult at first to learn how you can use ClickFunnels for your specific goals. Designing your first funnel may take a little extra time as you familiarize yourself with all the provided amenities however as you progress, your funnels will become fine tuned to perfection and you will know exactly which options to look for.

3. Slight Delays In Adding Funnel Templates To Your Account

This issue is not really a big deal and is likely due to the fact that the ClickFunnels platform just contains so much information. Nevertheless, there is often a loading time of up to 10 seconds when adding a funnel template to your account.

What Features Does Zipify Have?

1. Integrates With Shopify

Although ClickFunnels also integrates with Shopify, Zipify is specifically designed for Shopify. This means it is designed with ecommerce in mind. The Zipify OneClickUpsell app makes it easy and tempting for customers to purchase additional items/quantities. The Zipify OneClickUpSell app is currently only available for purchase on their website and will soon be added to the Shopify app store. The Zipify Pages app is used for creating landing pages that lead your customer to purchasing.

2. Drag & Drop Page Creation

Similar to ClickFunnels, with Zipify Pages you can customize your landing page by dragging and dropping elements and positioning them so that your landing page/funnel appears clean and well put together. Add video widgets, countdown timers, 1 click pop-ups and other elements designed to boost conversions.

3. Template Pages To Select From

Choose from a variety of template pages to find ones that are tailored to your product. The templates help save you time that you woud’ve otherwise spent creating the background and general structure of the page/funnel.

4. Integrate Google Analytics and Facebook Pixels For Tracking

Analyze the behaviour of your customers on your Zipify Pages by tracking their interactions with each page using Facebook Pixels and Google Analytics. You can use this data to tweak your pages as you see fit. For example, if you have lots of content views but no purchases, improve your offer. Vice versa, if you have very little content views but a higher rate of conversion, your offer is adequate so work on improving your Zipify pages by testing different elements, product descriptions, colors and appearances, and so on.

5. One Zipify App Is Slightly Cheaper But Both Is More Expensive

– The Basic Zipify Pages plan is $67 USD per month includes email/chat support, unlimited pages, custom timers, one-click light boxes, proven templates and full reporting dashboard.

– The Plus Zipify Pages plan is $97 USD per month includes everything from the Basic plan plus split testing, blog integration, and booster pages.

– The Basic Zipify OCU (OneClickUpsell) plan is also $67 USD per month and features post-purchase one-click upsells, split testing, unlimited funnels and claims that pre-purchase upsells are coming soon but not yet included.

– The Plus Zipify OCU plan is $97 USD per month and includes everything from the basic Zipify OCU plan with additional processors such as Braintree, PayPal Payments Pro, and NMI.

6. 14-Day Free Trial Or 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Just like ClickFunnels, Zipify offers a 14-day free trial that also has full access to all features and it provides a great opportunity to compare both Zipify and ClickFunnels for free before deciding which one works better for you. The free trial is only available if you pay monthly however if you decide to pay yearly you get a 30 day money back guarantee. In my opinion the latter is actually better because the yearly payment is cheaper and you essentially get a longer time period to test it out before paying.

7. Affiliate Program Is Decent

At 30% commissions, the Zipify affiliate program is decent however there is much less potential earnings and an inferior sticky cookie. Also the Zipify potential customers is drastically less than that of ClickFunnels due to the fact that it can only be used by Shopify store owners. This shouldn’t really matter that much anyway since most people are here to actually use Zipify rather than promote it as an affiliate, and the same goes for ClickFunnels.

What’s Bad About Zipify?

1. Only Available For Shopify Store Owners

The biggest downfall of Zipify is that it can not be integrated on any other website host besides Shopify. This immediately takes it off the table as an option for many people.

2. Not As Much Content

Although Zipify is specifically geared towards ecommerce, ClickFunnels still has a lot more elements/widgets, funnel templates and options to choose from even for ecommerce. ClickFunnels also has more upsell tactics and widgets that are more optimized, despite Zipify having a specific feature for upsells.

3. Community Is Not As Big

This may not really be that big of a deal to be honest, but when you are trying to get help and can’t find it, it can be frustrating. For that reason, I have to include the smaller community of Zipify as something to take in to consideration.

General Overview: Pros and Cons Of Zipify vs ClickFunnels

is clickfunnels better than zipify?

So Is ClickFunnels Better Than Zipify?

If Zipify would combine Zipify Pages and Zipify OCU in to one and keep it as a single $67 USD per month payment, I would be more inclined to recommend it to Shopify store owners. However since this is not the case, I have to say that ClickFunnels in my opinion is quite a bit better.

Your getting pretty much all of the features from both Zipify apps with the ClickFunnels Basic plan plus more and I find that the 20 funnels, 100 pages and 20,000 visitors per month limit included with the plan is plenty. Overall, I recommend ClickFunnels for everyone, including Shopify store owners.