Hunter io Review – Best Email Finder? Complete Inside View

Best Email Finder

This Hunter io review will cover everything you need to know. Don’t buy it before reading this review! Is it the best email finder? Let’s find out!

What Is Hunter io?

Hunter is a SAAS (software as a service) company that specializes in finding bulk email addresses. Simply provide the websites you’d like to find email addresses for and it will process the list of websites and find them!

You might be wondering, how is this useful?

Well, one of the most useful applications for this is blog outreach. You can save tons of time in your blog outreaching efforts by using the incredible tools this company offers.

Inside view

Hunter io review find email

This is the dashboard you’ll be greeted with when you sign up. As you can see there lot’s of features to select from. I’ll cover each one.

1. Search

This is where you can search a single website domain and instantly get a list of email addresses associated with that website. This feature is great if you just want email addresses for one domain instead of a list of a bunch of websites.

Let’s try and enter a website address and see what we get!


So I did a domain search for the website which is a very popular website so I was expecting more than one email address for sure. But as you can see, Hunter was able to find 116 email addresses for me!

Many of the email addresses also provide the name, association with the company, and much more useful information. You can even sort by departments within the company/website.

For example, I selected the Support department and got 8 email addresses just for that one section alone (not all of them are shown in the picture).

You’ll notice a green icon next to each email address. This signifies that Hunter is 100% confident that this email address is valid. Sometimes you will see a yellow icon or even red signifying a lower confidence score.

2. Email Finder

The Finder tool is for finding a more specific email address using a persons name and their website.

Let’s say I wanted to reach out to Amy Shearn from Medium but I can’t easily find her email address on the website. Go to Finder, enter the full name of the person and the website.


The Hunter email finder also shows you where it found the email address. The website that it found Amy Shearn’s email from was not even! This means that it probably would’ve been very difficult to find it without this trusty tool.

3. Email Verifier

email verifier name

The Email Verifier tool simply shows you whether an email address is valid or not. It also shows the type of email address to, be it professional or personal.

This feature is great for when you find an email that doesn’t have a 100% confidence score. Instead of just risking it and sending an outreach email to it, you can validate it with the email verifier first. This will save you from sending to many outreach emails that bounce which can raise the spam score of your email address.

4. Bulks

This is my favorite feature. This Bulk feature alone is the main reason most people join Hunter io.

The Bulks feature allows you to use the first 3 features we covered, but in bulk.

email Hunter Bulks info marketing users

I recently was building an outreach email list for one of my articles about copywriting. From over 2600 domain names, it found email addresses for about 50% of them. This is standard when doing bulk domain search.

After doing a bulk domain search, you’re then presented with several options for email lists. The list at the top contains only very high confidence scoring emails. I personally like to risk it a bit and take a lower confidence list in exchange for more email addresses. If you have a well established email address, I recommend doing the same.

prospects yes anyone sources contact available

However if you’re just starting email outreaching, you may want to take a list with a higher estimated deliverability. This is especially important with a fresh, newly created email address.

5. Leads

This feature can be used to add emails as leads that you want to outreach to for your campaigns. The great thing about Hunter io is that you can do all of your outreach from this one single platform.

verify companies every data check results sales

The lead feature integrates with the campaign feature (I’ll cover that one next) to allow full automation of your outreach!

6. Campaigns

Another great reason to start using this software is the Campaigns feature.

email Hunter io Campaigns name tools

Once you’ve gotten a collection cold outreach email addresses and selected the ones you want to email as leads, you can then start an outreach campaign.

The campaigns feature fully automates your outreach emails. You can even add automated follow up emails.

name io Campaign tools

The Importance Of Gsuite

An important note is that campaigns send emails directly from your gmail account.

You’ll need to use a professional email address ( and sign up for Gsuite. It’s only $6 per month. In fact, even if you don’t use Hunter you’ll need Gsuite anyways for cold outreach. The reason is because it has the highest deliverability and lowest spam score.

Don't use or your website hosts email server

Although it may be tempting to use an email address or your current webmail server from your website host, don’t do it. Your emails will start getting blocked and you could permanently damage the reputation of your email address. Also no one will take you seriously using a personal email address with at the end, it doesn’t look professional at all.

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7. Chrome Extension

email Hunter io Chrome Extension tools

Last but not least is the Chrome Extension feature. This feature allows you to quickly add email leads to your campaigns while you are browsing websites.

This seamless integration allows for quick email collection while browsing the web.


There are a range of plans at various prices to choose from. As you upgrade to higher plans, you get way more email requests per dollar. This is particularly useful for those who plan on doing lots of bulk domain searches.

email Hunter io Pricing per month

Note that you save 30% by paying yearly rather than monthly. The only downside to yearly payments is that you can’t change your plan as your requirements change.

Hunter io Alternatives

There are alternatives. That being said, they kind of suck.

I’ve compared them and found that Hunter finds way more emails from the domain search. It also provides much more reliable email addresses to.

It is constantly expanding it’s capabilities and as it continues to grow, the features improve. There is no debate that Hunter is the best email finder on the market right now.


Overall, I really have nothing but excellent things to say about Hunter io. I’ve been able to vastly improve my search engine rankings for this blog using this tool.

If you want to get more backlinks and authority for your blog, Hunter is the way to go. Not to mention, this is just one application for it. There are many other reasons to do cold email outreach!

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