How To Use ClickFunnels For Dropshipping (Step by Step)

Drop shipping has become a really big thing in the past couple years. There seems to be an abundance of younger people who promote it on YouTube and make it seem like the easiest method to earn cash online. Once you’ve learned how to use ClickFunnels for dropshipping, you will stand out from the hoards of people.
Do a quick YouTube search on how to drop ship and you’ll find tons of kids showing how they made hundreds of thousands of dollars each month on their Shopify store.
Now it’s 2020 and things have changed. There are so many Shopify drop shipping stores out there that in order to stand out from the crowd you need to advertise something different. Something that people haven’t seen before.
Let’s be honest, it’s way too easy to throw a neat looking AliExpress product on a Shopify store and advertise it on Facebook. The idea is so easy to explain and pitch that all of these people make YouTube videos on it in hopes that you’ll sign up on the spot to Shopify through their affiliate link. That’s why there’s so many videos out there on it.

Why You Should Use ClickFunnels

The plain old boring looking product page on Shopify has many distracting things on it.  That’s why you should use ClickFunnels.
Look at the product page as a whole. There’s most likely a menu above it with the home page and whatever else, there’s social media buttons to share the page, there may be related products on a side bar or below, there’s a whole footer menu full of links like Contact Us at the bottom.
How To Use ClickFunnels For Dropshipping (Step by Step)
The more you observe the page, the more links and buttons you’ll find that direct the viewer away from the most important thing… which is purchasing.
A ClickFunnels sales page has no distractions, it directs the eyes of the viewer to the product itself and nothing else. The only option on the page is for the viewer to purchase or take an action that directly leads to purchasing. Depending on the sales funnel you use, the viewer may be lead to an up sell or even a down sell if the up sell offer is reject.
The point is, everything about a ClickFunnels sales funnel is refined for leading the customer to purchasing.

Replace Your Product Page With A Funnel

Now let’s cover how ClickFunnels works, how you can use it and how to replace your current product page with a ClickFunnels page.

1. Select the sales funnel type or video sales type. 

These two funnels work the best for ecommerce and ideally you could split test both of them.

If you’ve made a video ad for Facebook, try using it in the video sales funnel.  Ideal videos should demonstrate the product and/or provide a testimonial.

Sales funnels should have quality images and shouldn’t be overwhelming with large chunks of information.  Disperse the product info throughout the page spaciously using lists, comparisons, etc.

2.  Fill in the funnel template.

Add all of your product info to the template.  This is very easy since the template will be already prepared to be filled in.

Add elements and widgets to increase conversion rates.  Split test funnels using countdown timers on one, limited stock on another and continue testing.  There are many different elements and widgets to choose from and some may suit your product niche more than others.

Add buttons and insert links.  The whole transaction can be completed through ClickFunnels or you can link back to your checkout page from your e-commerce store at the final step of the funnel.

3. Test, test, test.

The most important part is to test.  Even tweaking the smallest detail of your sales funnel could make all of the difference.

If a sales funnel is profitable, keep using it but add variations and test them separately to further optimize it.  Don’t get tricked in to settling for it because it can’t remain profitable forever.

Facebook advertising with ClickFunnels

Facebook advertising is a very common practice with dropshipping because you can get your product in front of a lot of targeted people for a fairly good price.

Key thing to keep in mind with Facebook advertising is that it works best if you start advertising to a very large audience (+25 million) at first and then work your way down to a higher converting audience.  This can be especially difficult with very specialized niche products where you may have to sacrifice a small loss at first to find your ideal demographic.

The thing most people hate is that you really need a lot of ad spend to easily succeed with Facebook ads.  If you just started throwing out $500 daily budget ads to audiences you think might work, you’d be very surprised how well Facebook optimizes with the high ad spend.  But, hardly anyone will listen to that critical piece of advice, so just take the harder route and use little $10 budget campaigns so you can find your target audience the slow and painful way if you must.

Key Testing Protocols For ClickFunnels Facebook Advertising

1. Testing Ad Copy

You must test many different ad copies, but test methodically.

If you’re using Campaign Budget Optimization, you might want a separate campaign for every pair of ad copies (2 ad copies per campaign).  If you’re not using CBO, have 2 ad copies per ad set.

To properly test, you only compare the performance of two ad copies at a time with only one variation between the two.  This is controlled testing which allows you to know exactly what caused one ad copy to perform better than another.

Set up multiple campaigns/ad sets testing pairs of ad copies.

2. Test broad interests

Unless the product only appeals to people of a very specific interest, target broad interests.  The Facebook interest “Beauty” is an audience of over 1 billion people, I’ve personally had many successful facebook ads from this interest alone on my one-product (the product is a pore vacuum) dropshipping store.

3. Use breakdown data from ads

On your Facebook ads manager, there is a drop down menu called breakdown that is an excellent tool for optimizing ads.

clickfunnels facebook ad breakdown

Once you’ve collected some data from your Facebook ads, filter by gender, age, platform, placement, etc.  You may find that only mobile users or only females aged 35+ purchase your product.

This is the kind of stuff you want to know and apply to your new ads.

Using Tripwire Funnels For Dropshipping

The ClickFunnels Tripwire funnel uses the power of purchasing to promote more purchasing.

The tripwire funnel can be used to upsell and downsell once a customer has purchased.

This funnel is massively beneficial because you can use true 1-click upsells which most apps on Shopify don’t offer.  In fact, Zipify and ClickFunnels are some of the only platforms that offer true 1-click upsell for a Shopify store.

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