How To Make Money With ClickFunnels In 2020 (And Beat The Competition)

A lot has changed in the past year, including how to succeed with ClickFunnels.

The Make Money Online Industry Is Changing

The digital marketing industry as a whole has become flooded with tons of people trying to make some money.

How To Make Money With ClickFunnels In 2020

There are more people selling online courses, drop shipping and affiliate marketing than ever before. That’s just to name a few of the ways people are making money online, there are tons of other methods as well.  In this article I’ll be covering how to make money with ClickFunnels in 2020 and ensure that you beat any and all competition.

Every marketer needs a platform to promote their offer through and it is very easy to blend in the competition.  The thing is, most people have use the same old dull, boring techniques that everyone else learns because it’s easy.  The trick is to separate yourself, go the extra mile.

What Happens When An Industry Becomes Flooded

We all know about Supply & Demand and how it affects an industry.

When there is one grocery store in town, that grocery store owner is reaping the benefits of an untapped market.

When there are many grocery stores in town, all owned by different people, the revenue will most likely be shared amongst each of the grocery stores.

Although there can be an exception to this rule…

How Industry Leaders Have Beat Competitors

Whenever an industry becomes flooded, those who provide the best service are the ones who beat the competition.

With the example of the grocery store, the store owner who focuses on delivering the best experience to the customer is the one who will gain the most customers.

This may seem like common sense, but many people focus on the wrong things. For example, a lot of companies are so focused on optimizing their profits that they put no effort in to optimizing the delivery of their service to those who will provide them with profits in the first place.

What Causes An Industry To Become Flooded?

Often, an industry will become flooded when the barrier of entry suddenly becomes lowered.

ClickFunnels Is Flooded

Let’s take the grocery store example a step further. The first grocery store in town does not need to focus on their quality of service, because they are the ONLY service. People will no choice but to get their food from this one grocery store, regardless of the quality because it is the only option.

The difficult part for the first grocery store in town is the barrier of entry. Getting the merchandise, renting a store front, hiring workers, and the list goes on.

Now let’s say all of the sudden, one day the government decides to subsidize all of the expenses of opening a grocery store. They see how well the grocery store owner is doing and how beneficial it is for everyone, and they want more.

Now, ten other grocery stores open up in the same town. All the store owners have opened their store for a much cheaper, subsidized price and therefore they didn’t have to rack up any debt/high expenses like the first grocery store.

The game has changed, and simply being there offering groceries isn’t enough to maintain that once untapped market coming to your store.

This is why having a great offer is so important.  It must also be relevant.  Take CBD for example, companies who got in on the CBD hype early are reaping the benefits now.

How ClickFunnels Will Change in 2020

So at this point, you must be wondering how all this relates to ClickFunnels. The change coming in 2020 applies to all of digital marketing as well, not just ClickFunnels.

When digital marketing first started, people had to be able to understand JavaScript, HTML, or had to be a web developer in order to make a website to market with.

WordPress websites were difficult to create and excellently optimized landing pages and sales funnels were extremely difficult to create because you basically had to be a pro at web developing.

In short, digital marketing required extensive knowledge of programming languages, which took a lot of time away from learning marketing and really has nothing to do with marketing.

The barrier of entry was high for digital marketing, now it is low.

ClickFunnels, Leadpages,  Woocommerce, GetResponse, Shopify, Instapages and many others have drastically lowered the barrier of entry for digital marketing.

Your ClickFunnels sales funnel will not be as profitable in 2020 unless you beat the competition. Simply advertising a funnel that hasn’t been refined and optimized will not do well, because everyone else will be doing the same thing.

Why ClickFunnels Did So Well At First

If you’ve heard of the three comma club, you know that ClickFunnels has made many people lots of money.

This is partly due to the low barrier of entry that ClickFunnels and similar services like Shopify have allowed for anyone to start marketing. These services allow anyone to quickly create a website that products can be sold from. This used to be more difficult before ClickFunnels or Shopify, so there was less competition.

How To Succeed With ClickFunnels 2020

Now that everyone and their dog can create a Shopify drop shipping store or a ClickFunnels sales funnel, many websites will be drowned out by the competition.

What You Should Do For Continued Success With ClickFunnels

Focus less on ads, focus less on profit margins and focus less on anything else that isn’t going to improve the actual service/product itself that you’re selling.

While everyone will be putting all of their effort towards testing hundreds of Facebook ads and Google ads, you’ll be putting all your time in to improving your offer and developing great customer service.

While everyone is focused on their own profit margins, you’ll be focused on the customer and what would make you better in the eyes of the customer.

One of the biggest wastes of time in my opinion are these full courses on advertising. If you would just create a great product in the first place you’d never need to focus so much on advertising.

My Final Note In Closing

If you could take away one thing from this article (which admittedly I may have dragged out a bit longer than necessary), it is that a great product/offer beats a great ad any day.

Don’t spend all your time optimizing the ad for your sales funnel, spend all your time optimizing the sales funnel itself. This will set you apart from the competition and it is how you can make more money than ever in 2020.

Remember, there’s more competition. But there’s an even larger, ever growing online market. The time to make money online is better now than ever in my opinion.