Funnelology Masterclass Review 2020

Russell Brunson has released yet another course for ClickFunnels.  Is this his best, most valuable one yet?  Let’s find out in this Funnelology Masterclass Review 2020.

What Is The Funnelology Masterclass?

Funnelology is a new course that goes deep in to the psychology behind funnels, the history and evolution of funnels, and famous funnels that have changed how we market today.  What I like a lot about this course is that Russell shows you exact details in each type of funnel that massively increase conversions.

Funnelology Masterclass Review 2020

Since the Funnelology Masterclass is really long, I’ll be covering the key takeaways and the parts that I believe hold the most value.

What Is Covered In The Funnelology Masterclass?

There are six main components to the Funnelology Masterclass.  Each of them carries a strong focus on the optimal layout, copy, and structure of the funnel.

1. The Secret Formula – Hook, Story, Offer

The first module of Funnelology covers the formula to apply to your marketing in general.  It all starts with your dream customer and how you can attract the ideal customer for your business.  Think of what offer would be most enticing to this dream customer and change your bait accordingly.

Part of the secret formula is to consider how to can increase the value of your offer.  Russell refers to the example of a babysitter increasing the value of their services by offering bonuses such as feeding the kid healthy food, play games with the kid, put them to bed early, clean the dishes and house.  This increase  in value separates the babysitter from all of her other friends who are also babysitting.

Funnelology Secret Formula

The next thing to look at is your product inventory.  What kind of products could you create to include inside of your offer?  This goes hand in hand with increasing the value of your offer.  There should be an offer on every page of your funnels and that is why it’s so important to start building up an inventory of products to include in your offers.

So we’ve applied the secret formula to the offer, now what about the story?  To get a customer to make a decision, you must change their state.

To change the state of the customer, tell them a story which will promote action towards making a decision.  What makes a good story?  An epiphany.  Funnelology teaches you that your story should revolve around a sudden revelation in your life that was completely mesmerizing and it should have logical reasoning for why it was life changing.

The sequence of a story should start with the original false and limiting belief, an experience and then an epiphany.

2. The Value Ladder

This concept is one that has already been covered in the DotCom secrets book very well.  However, now that the DotCom secrets book is several years old, times are beginning to change and the value ladder has become slightly different. Funnelology covers the new and updated version of the value ladder.

The goal of a successful funnel is to give you the ability to be the one who can spend the most to get a customer.

Funnelology Value Ladder

The key to the value ladder is to provide value, and continue to give more and better value.  Moving customers up the value ladder means you upsell the customer with higher value.  Russel uses the example of a dentist.  Russel goes in to the dentist and they start with a check up, then the dentist offers teeth whitening, then braces, and each of these offers move up the value ladder.

3. Front-End Lead Funnels

This part of the Funnelology course goes over the evolution of the lead funnel.  This was one of my favorite parts of the course and it really went in to a lot of detail about acquiring leads.

One of the key take aways, is simplicity.  It is important not to over complicate your lead funnels and the offer in exchange for the lead should be very clear.

Front-End Lead Funnels

To fully benefit from this part of the course, we need to apply part of the secret formula from part 1.  Remember the offer that would acquire your dream customer?  Well you need to think of an offer that would acquire your dream lead as well and include it in your lead funnel.

4. Unboxing Funnels

This part of the Funnelology course went over the ideal framework of the funnel.  You’ll learn where exactly to place your upsells within the funnel steps for each type of funnel.  Unboxing Funnels covered many different funnel types, some of which I never even know existed.  I learned that the most important thing to keep in mind, is this thoughts of the customer throughout each step of the funnel and how to tweak your funnel so that it convinces any type of buyer.

There are 3 types of buyers, those who buy based on emotion, logic, or fear.

Russell says that most people are emotional buyers and that the first part of every funnel is normally a video that is very emotional.  As you can see with Russell’s videos, he is very energetic and hyped up.  He says many people (the emotional buyers) will just need to see the video at the top of the funnel and they are already purchasing without even scrolling down to the logical section.

In Funnelology you’ll learn that those who are logical buyers need some logical reasons why they need the offer.  This is placed below the emotional content and lists key features, benefits and other real value provided from the offer.

The rest of the buyers fall under the “fear” category.  These buyers need to have fear stricken in to them to initiate the purchase.  This is why we place a call for urgency or scarcity at the bottom of the funnel.  These buyers will see this final part of the funnel and realize that they are too scared to not purchase, therefore they purchase.

5. Presentation Funnels

The presentation funnels covered in the Funnelology course are the following:

  • Video Sales Letter Funnels
  • Webinar Funnels
  • Product Launch Funnels

Video Sales Letter Funnels

The video sales letter funnel is similar to the unboxing funnel but the order form is presented towards the end of the funnel rather than at the beginning.  This is because with this type of funnel, the customer needs to know more about the offer before purchasing.

So what do you say in the video sales letter funnel? Tell your origin story.  Follow the same structure as mentioned in the story part of the secret formula.

What do i write in the video sales letter funnel? Again, referring to the secret formula, you write the hook, story and then the offer.

Webinar Funnels

Russell says the best funnel to start a business with is the webinar funnel.

Funnelology highlights how the key to a good webinar funnel is to build curiousity.  Here is an example of a great curiosity building headline: My Weird Trick To Ethically Make $17,000 Dollars Per Day

So what builds curiosity is first saying something strange hence why we say “Weird Trick”.  Next is a bold claim which is why we say “Make $17,000 Per Day”.

In a webinar, tell your story just as it was explained in the secret formula.  In your order form, be sure not to resell, the customer already wants to purchase so keep it simple.

Russell doesn’t really recommend the automated webinar funnel unless you’ve mastered the live webinar.

Product Launch Funnel

The product launch funnel is like a sales letter on it side.  What this means is that each step in the sales letter is extended in to separate presentations that can be given over the course of a few days or however long.  The benefit of this type of funnel is that it builds anticipation.

ClickFunnels Product Launch

As you’ve probably guessed by now, you’ll be telling your story in these videos using the secret formula.

The product launch funnel is generally used for higher ticket offers compared to a sales letter funnel.

Now for the last part, which will cover how to can sell the most expensive offers…

6. Back-End Phone Funnels

There are a few different types of phone funnels.  The great benefit of the phone funnel is the fact that it is the most personal type of funnel.  This is the type of funnel that can allow you to sell offers worth thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

ClickFunnels Phone Funnel

Takeaway Selling

The idea of takeaway selling is making a big offer then taking things away from it.  This is briefly covered in the course.

Case Study Phone Funnel

The case study in Funnelology starts with the results of someone who benefited greatly from the offer.  Once the excellent results of previous buyers have been shown. the opportunity to apply is then given.  This funnel will get you the best dream leads possible so that the calls that you do receive or make are only to those who are the most likely to convert.

Russell likes to tell his story in this funnel as well and after the application process he then gives the client homework to build a better and more personal connection.  The homework page should also promote an inbound call by saying something like “Call to see if you are the right fit for this…”.  In this type of funnel, you try to have the client come to you whenever you can.

ClickFunnels Case Study Funnel

In this part of the course, Russell shows an example of one the success stories that he uses for his case study phone funnel that has generated him millions of dollars.  In the success story, the client gives a motivating story of how her year of 2014 was one of the hardest years of her life not just with work but life in general.  This story of hard work and hard times which transitions in to massive success is psychologically a very enticing video that results in many buyers, especially emotional buyers.

Now the question is, what do you say on the phone? Use the 4 question close.  Ask what their goals are, what resources they have, they’re current struggles and finally ask if they would like your help. The second option is the setter/closer script which starts with one person who introduces and the second person closes the sale.

Funnelology Masterclass Course Summary

One key thing I learned from Funnelology is that the magic is not in the funnel itself, rather it is in the framework.  It is saying and offering the right thing at the right time.

Overall, I really enjoyed this Funnelology course and it was an incredible experience for me.  I found this course very motivating, informative and overall extremely helpful.  I can’t recommend the Funnelology Masterclass course enough.  As a result of this course, I feel like I have such a better understanding of when and how to apply each different type of funnel covered in the course.  Since taking the course, I’ve been able to apply a lot of the funnels that I learned with results much better than I would’ve had prior to the course.

[2020 Update]

There has been a few new products released by Russell Brunson this year which are even better than Funnelology.

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Funnelology Masterclass Review [2020] - BEST Course Yet?

Is this the best, most valuable course Russell has made yet? Let's find out in this Funnelology Masterclass Review 2020. Each part of the course will be...

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