12 Examples Of Follow Up Emails

That Actually Get Responses

Writing a good follow up email is actually very under looked.  After reading these 101 examples of follow up emails, you’ll have a much better understanding of what makes a good email.

Most of the time you’re sending a follow up email because either the first email didn’t get a response or your following up after an interview/meeting.  Either way, you can safely assume that whoever you’re following up with receives a fair amount of emails.  This means you’ll need to separate yourself from the pack.

To write up the best possible follow up email, you need to put yourself in the shoes (or inbox) of the recipient.  How does the email look in their inbox? Is the headline too long? Is the first sentence of text they see after the subject interesting enough to open the email?

My Experience With Follow Up Emails

So first of  all, before you read 101 examples of follow up emails you’ll probably want to know this. Who even am I? Why even listen to anything I have to say about follow up emailing? 

I’m Brendan Hal, the founder of TakeFunnels.  I’ve had extensive experience not just in emailing but also the backbone of emailing – copywriting.  Being an excellent copywriter is a very useful skill for email marketing and writing emails in general.

I write most of my follow up emails while doing outreach to gather more awareness to this website.  I’ve sent out many emails to people who have receive tons of outreach emails every single day.  How do you know your follow up emails are good?  Well I realized it when I started to get responses like this:

outreach email follow up

Best part about this example above is that James here actually provided me with valuable feedback.  Will I listen to it?  I won’t go head over heels to change all my emails accordingly.  I will definitely split test it in future follow up emails however.  With my type of outreach, it’s not about sending an email that really jives with one person, but rather many people.

The Delicate Art Of The Follow Up Email

When it comes to a follow up email, I believe in doing two things:

1. Make it clear that you don’t require much of the recipient’s time.

2. Get to the point.

These are really the two main things I take in to consideration when forming a follow up email.  I get the best results when I keep it short, sweet and simple.

Subject Line

For almost all of my follow up emails, I’m simply forwarding my first email that I sent and then writing the follow up.  I do this so that the recipient sees the entire chain of emails that I sent.  My subject line for the follow up email will simply be that of the original email but with a “Re:” in front to show that it is regarding my first email.  

If your follow up email is for an interview or in person meeting or event that you previously had, then there may not be an original email.  Even if there is, it may make more sense to write a separate email with a separate subject line for your follow up email.  This will have to be decided on a case by case basis.  Sometimes it may make more sense to reply to the original email regarding the interview. 

The key thing about the subject line is that it should provoke curiosity.  It can often be a short question.  For cold email outreach, I use a vague question or a quick assurance that I’m not seeking to take much of their time.

Body Of The Email

If you know the name of the person you’re emailing, great.  Starting with a simple “Hey Jennifer,” is all you need!  If not, I like to say something like “Hey quick question,” or “Hope this is the right email for this”.  I’ll have examples below of using these to start an email. 

An important point about no only follow up emails but emailing in general is your spam score. It is important to make sure your aren’t using spammy words.  There are several other factors that can raise your spam score too like having to much anchor text in your email.  In general, if you stick with plain text emails and use the least amount of links and spam words, you should be fine.

Keep in mind that the first sentence or so of your email is visible from the inbox without opening the email.  For this reason, I often keep the first sentence as vague as the subject line.  I don’t like to reveal the reason I’m emailing until after this portion of the email.  To many big websites receive outreach emails all day and they can tell it’s an outreach email without opening it.  If they see an email asking a vague question and saying it will only take a few seconds, they are curious.  They don’t know what the email is about, but they do know it won’t take much time to read it. 

Let’s get in to the examples!  I’ll start off with a few interview follow up emails however the remainder will be for outreach style emails.

101 Follow Up Email Examples

1. Accountant Interview

To: Fred Johnson <fred.bossman@hotshotcorporateboss.com>

Subject: Regarding Our Recent Interview

Hi Fred,

It was nice meeting you last week.  Just thought I would follow up and see how things are going.  

Has there been any progression on status of the junior accountant position within your company?

Thanks for your time,

Brendan Hal

2. McDonald's Interview

To: Ronald McDonald <ronald.mcdonald@mcdonalds.com>

Subject: Status of Cashier Position

Hey Ronald,

This is Brendan from the interview on Wednesday.

I was just curious about the status of the Cashier Position that I applied for.  Is it still available and if so am I still being considered?


Brendan Hal

3. Virtual Assistant Interview

To: Beff Jezos <beff.jezos@amazonian.com>

Subject: Virtual Assistant Position Inquiry

Hi Beff,

Just following up regarding my interview for the Virtual Assistant position.

Is there any update on who has been selected for this position?


Brendan Hal

4. Business Proposal Meeting

To: Elizabeth Ionos <e.ionos@bigcompany.com>

Subject: Quick question about our meeting

Hi Elizabeth,

It was great meeting you yesterday. 

Did you get a chance to review and consider my proposal from our meeting? 

Thank you,

Brendan Hal

5. Student Internship

To: HR Department <hr@studenthire.com>

Subject: About my interview

Hey quick question,

Did you get a chance to make any decisions in regards to the hiring process for the student internship?

Hope all is well.

Have a great day,

Brendan Hal


6. Social Influencer Proposal

To: Jane Redman <humanresources@teethywhiten.com>

Subject: Regarding our influencer discussion

Hello Jane,

Just wanted to say that I enjoyed meeting with you to discuss my social influencer proposal for your brand.

Just curious, have you decided if I’m a well suited to represent and promote your brand?


Brendan Hal


7. Instagram Shoutout For Company

To: Paul Garden <paul.g@fashioncomet.com>

Subject: Update on Instagram promotion

Hello Paul,

Great discussion the other day about promoting your company on my Instagram profile. 

Is there any update on whether or not you may be interested in receiving a promotional post from me?

Thank you,

Brendan Hal


8. Construction Worker Interview

To: John Brown <j.brown@bconstruction.com>

Subject: Still interested?

Hey John,

Thanks for having me in for an interview buddy.

Are you still interested in having me join the team?

Thank you,

Brendan Hal


9. Copywriting Article Link Outreach

To: Editor at Intermedium <editor@intermedium.com>

Subject: What’s your opinion on this?

Hey quick question for you,

I saw your piece here on marketing that links out to a copywriting article: https://intermedium.com/marketing-guide

I recently wrote an up date, complete guide on copywriting here: https://takefunnels.com/complete-copywriting-guide

Thought it might be beneficial to link to this new guide rather than the slightly outdated one you’re currently linking to.

What’s your opinion?


Brendan Hal


10. Green Smoothie Recipes Guest Post Outreach

To: Alexandra Willis <alexandra@healthygreenmom.com>

Subject: Quick question 

Hey Alexandra,

Could I get a few seconds of your time to ask a quick question?

I noticed we both run health blogs and I was wondering if you’d be open to a guest post on green smoothie recipes for HealthyGreenMom.

I can write it up today and all I ask is for a link to my homepage https://ecohealthlife.com in my author bio for the guest post.

What are your thoughts on this?

Take care,

Brendan Hal


11. Best Car Loans Article Link Outreach

To: James Tanner <james@jamescarguy.com>

Subject: Can I get 60 seconds of your time?

Hey James,

Just wanted to quickly get your opinion on this.

I saw your that your article https://jamescarguy.com/how-to-buy-a-car links out to an article on a best car loans roundup.

I recently wrote a new piece and not too brag but I think it kind of tops this one a little bit! I’ve included an addition 14 best car loans on my list! 

You can see the article for yourself here: https://carautoloaning.com/best-car-loans

Any chance you would link to my new piece? It would be greatly appreciated.

Safe driving,

Brendan Hal


12. Vitamin C Serum Article Link Outreach

To: Bianca Ingram <bianca@myhealthjourney.com>

Subject: What are your thoughts on this?

Hi Bianca,

Just had a quick question for ou

I saw your that your article https://jamescarguy.com/how-to-buy-a-car links out to an article on a best car loans roundup.

I recently wrote a new piece and not too brag but I think it kind of tops this one a little bit! I’ve included an addition 14 best car loans on my list! 

You can see the article for yourself here: https://carautoloaning.com/best-car-loans

Any chance you would link to my new piece? It would be greatly appreciated.

Safe driving,

Brendan Hal



So as you can see from these examples, a follow up email needn’t be long and in depth.  In fact, it’s best to keep it short and simple. 

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