Easy VSL Review 2020

Easy VSL 3.0

Will Easy VSL 3.0 help you create the most optimized video sales letters ever? That’s exactly what we are going to find out in this Easy VSL review. 

Regardless of your business, you’re going to have to adapt to the trend. The trend being video. The days of long form sales letters are numbered. Attention spans are shrinking and video engagement is increasingly more powerful than text content.

In this article you’ll learn if/how this software can improve your video content.



This software really comes through on its promise. Your videos will convert much more.



The pricing is really fair. Video editing software is usually more expensive.

Ease of use


No tech savvy requirements here! Finally an easy way to edit video.



Customer support is really good. There always available to answer your questions.

What Is Easy VSL?

Easy VSL is a software that helps you design and create high converting video sales letters.

This software has tons of features the will prove useful for any digital marketer or entrepreneur in general.  One of the best parts about this video sales letter creator is that it’s easy to use regardless of your skill level.

There are very frequent updates and improvements so it is always getting better.  You can very easily create beautiful slideshow videos and highly engaging explainer videos in seconds.

This software is an all-in-one solution to your video creation needs. You won’t need anything else to make amazing videos.

If you aren’t already using a VSL in your sales funnel I highly recommend that you start.

Who Is Easy VSL for?

Easy VSL is ideal for anyone in any niche or industry.

It’s the perfect solution to creating videos for

Basically, if you find yourself creating videos for any reason, then this product is for you. 

Think you already make decent video content?

The difference between a good video and a great video is actually very surprising.

Speed Of Video Creation

Now if you’ve ever been spent hours messing around editing a video due to technical difficulties or for any reason, this part is for you.  When considering a new video creation tool speed of creation will definitely be an important factor for you.

The video creation process is broken down in to 4 very simple and quick steps:

Step 1

Paste your written content or script and add transitional slides for a smooth appearance.

Step 2

Select the design and effects of your video. There tons of options available.

Step 3

Add music/audio file and sync it with your content in one click.

Step 4

Export/download the video or one-click publish it to tons of sites.

Kinetic Video Creator

One of the newer features recently added is the Kinetic Creation feature:

1. Simply select a template for the style of your video from the huge library. 

2. Upload your script/text and voice-over. 

With just the text and voice-over you provide, Easy VSL instantly process an entire professional video for you!  This is one of my favorite features because I can literally create wonderful videos in just seconds.

Automatic Slide Creation

This feature is similar to the Kinetic Video creator except is for creating slideshow style presentations. Just paste your entire script and Automatic Slide Creation will separate it in to a complete done-for-you slideshow presentation

Automatic Slide Creation

Tons Of Slide Templates

When creating a slide presentation style slideshow or video, there are tons of templates readily available to pick from.  In addition to this, you can also upload your own background and styles!

The customization is essentially limitless with this!

New AI Syncing

When I said that the updates and improvements are frequent, I kind of underplayed that a bit. 

The updates and improvements are constant. I mean artificial intelligence for your video editing tool? Come on! 

This new feature eliminates the need to manually go through your video and line up the video slides with your voice-over audio. I’ve personally benefited greatly from this. As you know, trying to sync up the voice-over with slides can be very tedious. That’s why I love this feature.

The tool is somehow able to sync up your audio so that your slides transition with perfect timing.  Don’t ask me how they do it, just take it from me this it works… Really well too I might add!



Got text but no voice-over? Got voice-over but no text? 

Easy VSL has you covered for both scenarios!

Speech To Text

Easily insert any audio and use this excellent feature to extract accurate written text from it!

I use this feature to save myself time from writing up a big script. If I already know what I want to say in the script, why not just say it right to Easy VSL and have it translated to text for me!?  This saves quite a bit of time and the text is always very precise.

Text To Speech

Don’t have a mic? Or maybe don’t feel comfortable recording your voice for your video?

This is a great feature for you then. There are plenty of both male and female voices to select from as well. Simpy insert your text and select which voice you want to read it aloud! Add it to your video and boom, video sales letter done!


When creating a video with Easy VSL, you can use your own existing video/image content or choose from the monstrosity they call their library.

Over One Million Graphics

Yes, you heard that right. The graphics library contains over 1,000,000 royalty-free graphics that you are free to use.  This feature is vastly under estimated. It’s treated me very well when I quickly need a cool like image to insert in my video. 

Also, people pay tons of money for graphics.  If you go to Fiverr, people are buying graphics for $5 a piece!  So technically, this library contains over $5 million worth of graphics if you look at it that way.

Timeline Editor

This software was designed with the user in mind and hence prioritizes being as easy to use as possible.  That’s why they’ve perfected the layout of this editor. 

It is incredibly user-friendly.  So much so that anyone can intuitively start using it without any knowledge of video creation at all!

There are several key components that make it so simple to use:

Multi Layer

Import multiple layers of audio, video and images on to your timeline.

Volume Control

No 3rd party software required to adjust the audio file volume.  Simply adjust it from within the editor.

Advanced Control

Split, trim, zoom in/out, you name it you can do it with advanced control.

Export Slides To PDF

If you want to save your slideshow presentation as a pdf file, this is done with the click of a single button within Easy VSL.  It’s almost like they thought of every…. Oh wait they did!

One-Click Features

The reason why I keep mentioning how a bunch of these features are “one-click” is because they quite literally are done by clicking your mouse once! 

I’ve already noted most of these features but I just want to highlight the fact that these are done entirely with one simple click:


Perfect for creating multiple videos in a variety of languages. Advertisers will find this one particularly useful.


Get your video out there! Do all your publishing to popular video sites from the software with one click.

Quality Control

Once your video is finished, you can select a variety of resolutions to choose from like Standard Definition and High Definition.


It’s very reassuring to know that this product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.  A money back guarantee like this really goes to show their confidence in the service.  Regardless, you’ll most likely not need to take advantage of this because this service is so incredibly good!


All in all, Easy VSL is just all around amazing.  It’s definitely one of the best video sales letter creators on the market.  Especially for the price too. 

Now maybe you’re saying, “Nah Brendan, I’m good I already use *insert free low quality video editor here*…”

To that I say listen, you may think you’re saving money by using your free Windows movie maker or whatever else.  The truth is, you’re not saving money at all.  In fact, it’s costing you way more money than Easy VSL.

How is that even possible if it’s free you ask?

Well because I believe that time is money.  While you spend hours making low quality films with a free video maker, I’ve already created 17 different variations of a highly optimized video sales letter that I’m now split testing across several ad platforms.

Now you’ve just costed yourself a whole lot of money and time.  Money that you missed out on and time that was completely wasted.  Not to mention your video isn’t converting nearly as high as mine are.

Click the button below to try Easy VSL 3.0 and forever change the way you create video.

Easy VSL 3.0 Review [2020] - Video Sales Hyped Up Or Legit?

Can you really create higher converting video sales letters with Easy VSL 3.0? In This Easy VSL review we will find that out! Once you discover this you'll be..

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