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crowdy ai review

This review will reveal whether or not this is the best social proof software on the market right now.  You’ll want to read to the end.  Missing out on this review could mean settling for a far inferior social proof service.

Just how important is social proof anyway?  Right now it is arguably one of the most important factors for any brand.  It is certainly not something to be overlooked.



Crowdy really over delivers in terms of features and performance.



One of the only social proof softwares with a free 14-day trial! Pricing is very reasonable too.

Ease of use


Very straight forward. It is not difficult at all to add social proof to your website with this.



Amazing customer support and very nice community. They’re always there to answer questions.

What is is a powerful social proof software. You can simply insert one small bit of code in to your website and have full social proof across every page.  There are many specific features that aren’t offered with other competitors.  

You’ll also be able to customize the appearance of your social proof and how it is shown on your website.  You can even use templates to quickly and easily create clean looking pop ups and widgets. 

You can have everything set up and running within minutes.  With all the customization available, you can design all of your social proof so that it matches the style of your website for a seamless integration. review

This review wouldn’t be complete unless I mentioned the notable achievements of this company.  They’ve have received several awards including the 2019 Rising Star and Premium Usability awarded by Finances Online. 

Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Who is for? is really for anyone who wants to massively increase conversion rates on their website.  Social proof is highly effective for every business model nowadays.  

You may think your business is special and social proof doesn’t apply.  Wrong.  It almost definitely does and will help a lot whether you realize it or not.

No matter what you’re doing, you can benefit from social proof on your website.  Don’t think your business needs a website?  Well there’s your first mistake! 

How works

Now if you’ve ever been spent hours messing around editing a video due to technical difficulties or for any reason, this part is for you.  When considering a new video creation tool speed of creation will definitely be an important factor for you.

The video creation process is broken down in to 4 very simple and quick steps:

Step 1


Change the design and color scheme or select a template

Step 2


Simply paste the given code in to your website.

Step 3

Collect Visitor Data

Crowdy will collect data from your visitors to use for social proof

Step 4

Visitors See Social Proof

Your website visitors will start seeing social proof based on customized display methods you’ve chosen.


This portion of the review will cover all of the features included with this incredible social proof marketing software.


This feature shows events like purchases, sign ups, subscriptions, bookings or any event you want to provide social proof for.  If you don’t have many daily visitors yet then you don’t need to display live events! 

 You can always choose to display total conversion events over time instead.  This gives the appearance of lot’s of social proof without actually needing that much website traffic.

crowdy ai review

This software has no shortage of templates and styles for your social proof pop ups which I like a lot.  It’s super easy to match the colors to the theme of your website too.

Social Count

This is a new feature that is still in beta testing.  However it will be available very soon.  

The social count feature will show your social media following across any page on your website.  It displays the number of social media followers that you have and will have buttons so that visitors can follow your social media with one simple click. review
business company

There will be a variety of different style social icons to better suit your website.  Having your social follow buttons easily accessible on your website will help gain additional followings as well.

Star Rating

Show ratings for your website or products on Google search results and on your website.  This feature is particularly great for showing ratings on your Google search results because it makes your site stick out from the rest of the results.

There are currently three different ways you can display your star ratings:

Notification widget

Star ratings and reviews pop up as a small widget.

On-page badge

Static element on any page displays the star ratings and reviews.

Clickable snippet

Visitors can click the snippet to expand and see the reviews and ratings. will also automatically send customers a link to leave a review after a purchase. This can greatly increase the amount of reviews that you get.  Any ratings or reviews submitted will be collected by the review and rating feature and display on your site.


This feature allows to collect and display testimonials upon approval.  The testimonials can be displayed as notification widgets or on-page elements.  This feature differs from the star rating because customers write a more personal experience of the product/service and upload photos to their testimonials as well.

Video Testimonials

It’s worth noting that you can also display powerful video testimonials from customers in the exact same way as regular text/image testimonials. completely automates this process for you so that all you have to do is approve or reject video testimonials from customers and then the software handles the rest.


One of the best ways to show social proof is by displaying the daily, weekly or monthly traffic to a page so that visitors on that page can see it.  This will give them a great sense of reassurance knowing that many other people visit the page their on too.  This is one of my favorite features because it’s simple and it works really well.


I’ve already mentioned in this review that this software offers a free 14-day trial.  The great part is, you can try this software completely risk-free because you can always just decide to not continue with a paid plan after the end of your free trial.  

This makes it really easy for you to try the software out yourself and see if it’s something you could benefit from.  Truth is, I think most of you will benefit greatly from this so you’ll definitely want to continue with a paid plan.


To wrap this review all up, I just want to say that I think the social proof software is really good.  I highly recommend trying it risk-free because that’s not something that you can do with any competitors that I’m aware of.

I have yet to come across a different social proof software that offers a free trial like does so this really demonstrates their confidence in their incredible product. Review [2020] - #1 Best Social Proof Software?

This review will reveal whether or not this is the best social proof software on the market right now.  You'll want to read to the end. 

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