ClickFunnels Squarespace – Do They Integrate? You’ll Be Surprised!

ClickFunnels Squarespace… Can they work together?

The fact is, whether your selling a product, promoting a service, providing information, or just conveying a message, ClickFunnels can improve your results dramatically.

ClickFunnels Squarespace

Now if you already have a Squarespace website, you may be aware that there are in fact marketing tools and plugins available to you.  Perhaps you’ve even tried a few of them out.

Now that you’ve come to realize the power of ClickFunnels and its capabilities that can be implemented on your Squarespace website, let’s get right in to it without further hesitation.

What Is ClickFunnels and How Can You Benefit From It?

ClickFunnels is a platform used for designing sales funnels.  A sales funnel can be comprised of multiple pages that are each individually optimized for consumers to take the next desired action.  Whatever it is that you are offering, there is most likely a funnel tailored specifically for your needs that is available on ClickFunnels.

There are three main types of funnels:

Does ClickFunnels work with Squarespace

Examples of funnels you can create with ClickFunnels:

  1. The Squeeze Page Funnel

A simple funnel that collects is optimized for collecting emails.  This funnel usually includes an opt-in form that requires the website visitor to fill in their name and email.  Typically there is also an offer such as a free ebook or lesson in exchange for the email. This offer could be described directly on the squeeze page or could be on a previous funnel such as a video sales letter funnel that leads to the squeeze page. 

  1. The 2-Step Tripwire Funnel

This funnel is optimized for initiating a low ticket purchase, followed by a high ticket upsell.  This sequence of funnels could be implemented in just a few pages and would leverage the low ticket purchase for the upsell.

  1. The Membership Funnel

This funnel is for websites that offer exclusive features/access for people who purchase a membership.  This membership can be for a paid newsletter, access to a software, or access to a members only portion of your website.  The membership offer can be sold using a webinar funnel, video funnel, etc.

As you can see from the above examples, ClickFunnels offers funnels for very specific offers and there are tons of different types of funnels to choose from along with pre-made templates that are easy to edit.

You can benefit from ClickFunnels right now by starting your ClickFunnels 14-day free trial and developing a funnel to use on your Squarespace website that will enhance the conversion rate of your offer tremendously.  

Does ClickFunnels Work With Squarespace?

Although there may not be a plugin available from the Squarespace website builder, there are a few other ways that you can use ClickFunnels with your Squarespace website.  The thing is, to benefit from ClickFunnels Squarespace doesn’t really need to “work” with ClickFunnels anyway.  The two can remain separate entities while reaping the benefits of each.

This leads us to the next question…

How Do You Integrate ClickFunnels In To Your Squarespace Website?

Some website hosts like such as SiteGround have a ClickFunnels plugin that can be easily integrated in to your WordPress website builder.

Unfortunately, Squarespace doesn’t have a simple plugin but it is still possible to use ClickFunnels Squarespace. 

 When signing up for ClickFunnels, you get a free domain and it is easiest to just use this domain for your funnel pages which lead the customer to your Squarespace page to finalize the purchase. 

The reason this works is because you don’t really need your sales funnels to be under the same domain as your Squarespace website, since these funnel pages will only contain buttons and links that lead to your Squarespace website anyway.

How to integrate clickfunnels with squarespace

If you are really concerned about the domain names being different, just keep in mind that the customer isn’t going to notice this and even if they do they will assume it is the same business.  If it still bothers you, you can even make the ClickFunnels  Squarespacewebsite name similar to your Squarespace website. Let’s say your website is called, you could make the ClickFunnels domain

How Will My Website Visitors And Traffic Access My Sales Funnel?

This is going to depend on how you generate traffic to your website.  

For traffic directly to your website:

If your Squarespace website is ranking in Google then the website itself is the source of traffic and you will link to your sales funnel directly from your website, and then back to your website to purchase the product.

Advertising Platforms:

If you are advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Bing, or whatever it may be, then you should change the destination URL in your advertisements to your ClickFunnels Squarespace sales funnel.  

Most advertising platforms have a display link which is the link that is actually showing on the ad so you can just put your Squarespace website in the display link while the actual link that the ad directs to is the sales funnel link.

Email Marketing:

If you have an email list that you send your offers to, simply insert your sales funnel link in the email.  This is a great way to sell the offer because email lists often contain potential customers with whom you’ve built up a certain degree of trust with through providing some free helpful information through newletters.

How You Should Set Up Your ClickFunnels Sales Funnel On Your Squarespace Website

Let’s say you are selling a product on your Squarespace website and you have a product page that has a product photo, description, and an add to cart or buy now button.  

In the product listing on your Squarespace website where the user would normally click the product listing to view the product page, instead send them to the sales funnel.  Once they’ve gone through the sales funnel, then send them to the product page.  

Another useful way to implement your sales funnel is through a blog post on your Squarespace website.  If you normally link to your offer from a blog post, instead link to the sales funnel.

How To Use ClickFunnels

I’ve covered how to use ClickFunnels in other articles more in depth but I’ll provide a brief overview.  There is no programming knowledge required whatsoever for ClickFunnels and designing your own sales funnel is surprisingly simple.

How to Use ClickFunnels

Here are the general steps:

  1. Choose your funnel type.  

This will depend on your offer.  If you are selling a membership to your website then use a membership funnel.  If you are selling a video course that you made then a webinar funnel may be more suitable.  If your selling a product then use a sales letter funnel or video sales funnel.

  1. Select your funnel template.

ClickFunnels provides a great selection of templates that you can use.  Browse through them and you will find one that will flow well with your website.

  1. Add your elements and widgets.

There is also an excellent variety of elements and widgets offered with ClickFunnels.  Simply search through the options and drag and drop the elements/widgets that you want on to your funnels page.  Some of the elements and widgets included are video, text, headline, opt-in, countdown timer, button and many more.

  1. Organize and set links.

Move your elements and widgets around on the page until you find a smooth looking orientation that you are happy with.  Then edit any clickable elements/widgets and add links to them so that when customers click them they will be redirected to either the next funnel or the purchase page.

In Conclusion

Does ClickFunnels work with Squarespace?  Well, I’ve just showed you how I use sales funnels on my ClickFunnels Squarespace website and it works very well for me.  The funnel is simply placed strategically between the link to your product/offer page and the product/offer page itself.  By the time the consumer has gone through the funnel and reached the offer page, the likelihood of them purchasing is significantly higher.

Not Enjoying ClickFunnels?

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