ClickFunnels Pricing 2020 – How Much Does It Cost?

Wondering about ClickFunnels Pricing in 2020?  Look no further, today we will go over all over the ClickFunnels pricing 2020 plans so that we can answer the question, how much does it cost?

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

There are a variety of plans available at a range of costs.  There are also many ClickFunnels courses and bundles that offer multiple products that often include anywhere from 6-12 months of ClickFunnels membership with the expensive plan.  This can be a good way to save money on your ClickFunnels plan while getting lots of valuable resources for improving your results.

ClickFunnels Plan Prices

There are two plans to choose from, the Starter plan and the Platinum plan.  In terms of funnel building, both plans have mostly the same features and you can build really nice funnels with either one.  You have access to all of the page elements and widgets with both and for me this is one of the most important factors, ClickFunnels is a funnel building software after all.

ClickFunnels Pricing 2020

ClickFunnels Starter Plan

The cheapest plan currently offered with ClickFunnels is the Starter plan, coming in at $97 USD per month.  Some of the limiting factors of this plan are the following:

  • Monthly limit of 20,000 visitors to your funnels.
  • Maximum of 20 funnels.  Keep in mind you can have multiple pages in one funnel (these are called funnel steps).
  • Maximum of 100 pages.  This is a big reason for some people to upgrade, although you can archive old pages that you don’t need to stay under 100.
  • 3 custom domains.  This isn’t really a big deal because for me I run most of my funnels from one website so I only need the one website domain.  Others may need more.
  • No email marketing.  I personally prefer GetResponse for my email marketing but I can see the appeal of having everything in one platform.
  • No ClickFunnels Backpack.  This is great program that allows you to set up an affiliate program for any of your sales funnels.

ClickFunnels Platinum Plan

This is the most expensive and only other plan offered with ClickFunnels.  It costs $297 USD per month. Here are some of the main benefits and features of this plan:

  • No monthly limit of visitors to your funnel.
  • Unlimited funnels.
  • Unlimited pages.
  • 9 custom domains.
  • Full email marketing system (Visual email builder, lists, tracking, autoresponder and more)
  • ClickFunnels Backpack.  This feature alone is enough reason to consider the Platinum plan.  The ability to easily create an affiliate program for your offer is valuable.

Other ClickFunnels Offers

There are a few other options to consider before purchasing a ClickFunnels plan.  I personally recommend purchasing the Funnel Builder Secrets Course + 12 Months Membership because you are getting an insane amount of value and you are getting a full year of the $297 USD ClickFunnels plan.  The best part is that this course guarantees incredible results with ClickFunnels or you get your money back.  I’ve personally taken this course and it has been the most helpful product Russell Brunson has created in my opinion.

Funnel Builder Secrets

The way I see it, you shouldn’t be purchasing a ClickFunnels plan with the intention of only using it for one month then canceling.  If you become a ClickFunnels user, you should be in it for life because it should be making you so much money that you’d never even consider canceling your plan!  That is why it makes the most logical sense to get the Funnel Builder Secrets course that comes with either 6 month or 12 months of the enterprise plan (Same as Platinum, $297/month).

Funnel Builder Secrets Course

Now let’s do a few calculations so I can show you the value of these plans because I know that this course seems expensive at first glance.

When you get the Platinum plan by itself, you’re paying $297 USD per month which will run you $1782 USD for 6 months.  Now if you purchase the lower tier Funnel Builder secrets at $1997 USD, it’s essentially only another $215 USD more for a course plus bonus courses shown above.  These courses provide knowledge that will pay for itself within a month because you will be getting way better results compared to buying the Platinum plan by itself without any knowledge of how to succeed with ClickFunnels.

Now where it gets really crazy is the upper tier Funnel Builder Secrets.  The platinum plan by itself at $297/month will cost you $3564 USD for a year.  Compare that to $2997 for the Funnel Builder Secrets which includes a year of the same plan, it’s actually CHEAPER to do it through this course for just the Platinum plan alone and that’s not even considering everything else you get!  This is really a no-brainer, with the higher tier course you’re getting paid $576 USD to take all of knowledge you need to obtain massive results with ClickFunnels.

Find out how you can save on your plan with the Funnelology Mastercourse as well!

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