ClickFunnels Pricing 2020 – How Much Does It Cost?

Wondering about ClickFunnels Pricing in 2020? Look no further, today we will go over all the ClickFunnels pricing 2020 plans so that we can answer the question, just how much does it cost?

How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost Per Month?

ClickFunnels has 3 plans paid monthly:

  • Starter plan $97 per month
  • Platinum plan $297 per month
  • Collective plan (coming soon)

As you can see there are a variety of plans available at a range of costs. 

click funnels 20 unlimited

There are also many ClickFunnels courses and bundles that offer multiple products that often include anywhere from 6-12 months of ClickFunnels membership with the Platinum plan. This can be a good way to save money on your monthly plan while getting lots of valuable resources for improving your results.

How Can I Get ClickFunnels Cheaper?

Currently as of 2020, the cheapest way to get ClickFunnels is to pay annually for the Starter plan ($97/month) which will save you $194 (two months).

In the past, ClickFunnels pricing wasn’t as set in stone. You used to be able to attempt to cancel your plan and get offered a down sell pricing plan for around half the price of the starter plan.

Also, some people have claimed that there used to be a free trial for 30 days rather than 14 but this is not confirmed.

ClickFunnels Pricing Plans

There are two plans to choose from, the Starter plan and the Platinum plan and the new Collective plan will be available soon. In terms of funnel building, both plans have mostly the same features and you can build really nice funnels with either one. 

You have access to all of the page elements and widgets with both and for me this is one of the most important factors, ClickFunnels is a funnel building software after all.

One thing that I thought was really shady is that if you purchase custom domains through ClickFunnels they are marked up significantly and you can’t ever use them outside of the platform. When I ended my membership I had to forfeit a few custom domains that I paid $20 USD each for.

Keep in mind you can literally get a custom domain for $0.99 USD elsewhere so watch out for this scam.

So we’ve gone over the ClickFunnels price for each plan. Now what about the features offered?

ClickFunnels Pricing 2020

ClickFunnels Starter Plan

The cheapest ClickFunnels pricing plan currently offered is the Starter plan, coming in at $97 USD per month. Some of the limiting factors of this plan are the following:

  • Monthly limit of 20,000 visitors to your funnels.
  • Maximum number of funnels is 20. Keep in mind you can have multiple pages in one funnel (these are called funnel steps).
  • Maximum of 100 pages. This is a big reason for some people to upgrade, although you can archive old pages that you don’t need to stay under 100.
  • 3 custom domains. This isn’t really a big deal because for me I run most of my funnels from one website so I only need the one website domain. Others may need more.
  • No email marketing. I personally prefer GetResponse for my email marketing but I can see the appeal of having everything in one platform.
  • No ClickFunnels Backpack. This is great program that allows you to set up an affiliate program for any of your sales funnels.

Now personally, I think if you’re paying $97 per month, you should get way more than 20 funnels. That is why at the end of this article, I’ll show you alternatives that offer way more for way less.

ClickFunnels Platinum Plan

This is the most expensive and only other plan offered with ClickFunnels right now. It costs $297 USD per month. Here are some of the main benefits and features of this plan:

  • No monthly limit of visitors to your funnel (unlimited visitors).
  • Unlimited funnels.
  • Unlimited pages.
  • 9 custom domains.
  • Full email marketing system (Visual email builder, lists, tracking, autoresponder and more)
  • ClickFunnels Backpack. This feature alone is enough reason to consider the Platinum plan. The ability to easily create an affiliate program for your offer is valuable.

This plan was formerly known as the Etison suite plan. It is a big upgrade from the Starter plan but the price is laughably high. Instead of 20 funnels you get unlimited funnels. 100 pages is upgraded to unlimited pages. Also 20,000 visitors is upgraded to unlimited as well.

It also features Actionetics which is the email marketing software that includes unlimited email. Sounds good right? Wrong. This is a horrible email marketing service that has awful deliverability. Not to mention, other dedicated email marketing tools are really cheap and some even have free pricing options.

Also, “unlimited email” is a vague and misleading statement. All email autoresponders have “unlimited email”. It’s the number of subscribers and lists that is limited.

Even with all these unlimited features, the price of this plan is just ridiculous. Free trial or not, I’m not paying $297 per month for this when I can get way better deals with other sales funnels builders.

clickfunnel 97 per month unlimited funnels

In summary, the ClickFunnels cost is practically and arm and a leg. I don’t know where they came up with these prices, or why people actually pay them, but clearly people aren’t doing any research at all on alternatives.

The only funnel hacks here are on your wallet, which ClickFunnels is exceptionlly talented at draining.

Other ClickFunnels Offers

There are a few other options to consider before purchasing a ClickFunnels plan. The Funnel Builder Secrets Course + 12 Months Membership is a decent offer because you are getting a fair amount of value and you are getting a full year of the $297 USD per month ClickFunnels pricing plan. 

That being said, it is a huge initial investment and if you decide that you don’t like ClickFunnels then it’s a big waste of money. Also it is debatable how helpful the Funnel Builder Secrets course really is.

The best part is that this course guarantees incredible results with ClickFunnels or you get your money back. I’ve personally taken this course and it has been the most helpful product Russell Brunson has created in my opinion.

Funnel Builder Secrets

The way I see it, you shouldn’t be purchasing a ClickFunnels plan with the intention of only using it for one month then canceling. If you become a ClickFunnels user, you should be in it for life because it should be making you so much money that you’d never even consider canceling your plan! 

That is why it makes the most logical sense to get the Funnel Builder Secrets course that comes with either 6 month or 12 months of the enterprise plan (Same as Platinum, $297/month).

Funnel Builder Secrets Course

Now let’s do a few calculations so I can show you the value of these plans because I know that this course seems expensive at first glance.

When you get the Platinum plan by itself, you’re paying $297 per month which will run you $1782 USD for 6 months. Now if you purchase the lower tier Funnel Builder secrets at $1997 USD, it’s essentially only another $215 USD more for a course plus bonus courses shown above. 

These courses provide knowledge that will pay for itself within a month because you will be getting way better results compared to buying the Platinum plan by itself without any knowledge of how to succeed with ClickFunnels.

Now where it gets really crazy is the upper tier Funnel Builder Secrets. The platinum plan by itself at $297/month will cost you $3564 USD for a year. Compare that to $2997 for the Funnel Builder Secrets which includes a year of the same plan, it’s actually CHEAPER to do it through this course for just the Platinum plan alone and that’s not even considering everything else you get! 

This is really a no-brainer, with the higher tier course you’re getting paid $576 USD to take all of knowledge you need to obtain massive results with ClickFunnels.

Find out how you can save on your plan with the Funnelology Mastercourse as well!

Or, realize that all these savings are actually not savings at all. The whole ClickFunnels pricing scheme is meticulously designed to lure you in to spending thousands on useless junk in addition to your plan. Funnel builder program? Junk.

Now I’ll admit some of the courses offered are actually decent but I’ll get in to that later.

Do ClickFunnels Really Work?

ClickFunnels does work and many people have had success with it. That being said, there is nothing special about ClickFunnels that produces results any better than most other landing page or funnel builders.

At the end of this article, I will give my recommendations for landing page builders that are far superior to ClickFunnels but just aren’t as popular. The ClickFunnels pricing is also fairly expensive and it is really just their affiliate program that drives most of their sales and popularity.

Russell Brunson is definitely a highly experienced marketer who has learned how to create an extremely effective affiliate program.

clickfunnel etison suite unlimited sales

The truth is however that I’ve had an extremely horrible experience with their affiliate program. When I first signed up for my free trial I immediately requested to get access to my affiliate links. I was able to get access to them no problem at all.

Then, 2 months down the road, I built out a blog that I invested tons of hours fully dedicated to writing ClickFunnels reviews and articles. I had put all my eggs in one basket.

Then I got the “Funnel Hack”. Well, more like the Funnel Whack. ClickFunnels savagely deprived me of all my affiliate links. I lost everything. All my efforts had completely gone to waste. This was when I started to look for alternatives to the ClickFunnels software. And trust me there are tons of better and cheaper alternatives.

ClickFunnels Support

ClickFunnels has very bad support, always has. Although it looks like they have live chat support, it is not live at all. When you ask a question in chat support your message is relayed to the email support. At that point, you’ll be lucky to get an answer within 48 hours.

Are the ClickFunnels support team helpful? Not even in the slightest. When I lost access to my affiliate links they provided no help whatsoever. They are also extremely slow to respond.

clickfunnel etison suite unlimited sales funnel

I checked back a few months later and saw that you had to purchase the One Funnel Away course and be on a ClickFunnels plan to even apply for the affiliate program. What a surprise.

Let this be a lesson that ClickFunnels will not hesitate to cut you off at any second.

One Funnel Away Challenge

The One Funnel Away challenge is a course that Russell Brunson put together on how to become a successful ClickFunnels affiliate.

The One Funnel Away course features many successful affiliates that each explain their own methods of promoting this platform. The affiliate marketing methods taught in this course are actually decent and can be applied outside of just this platform.

One thing to note is that often the initial startup can take a while to get going. You may not see any commissions coming in for awhile but eventually things will work out if you remain consistent in your efforts.

clickfunnel unlimited sales 97 per month etison suite

Yes, there is valuable information provided in this course. No, I wouldn’t apply it just to promoting ClickFunnels. It’s important to diversify your marketing since you could get cut off from anything at any time. There are practically an unlimited amount of products to promote so it shouldn’t be hard to find them.

By the 30 day mark of taking the One Funnel Away challenge, you’ll probably see some commissions come in. Some of the promotional methods in this course involve using a Facebook group, creating content on a blog or YouTube channel, and general internet marketing.

One of the best ways to promote this software is through share funnels. The share funnel feature allows you to build a sales funnel and share it with unlimited amounts of people so they can use it as a template. This can be a great way to get people started on a free trial.

Overall, I think One Funnel Away is worth it

funnel hacks unlimited sales funnels

Funnel Scripts

Funnel Scripts is a sad little software that is supposed to write “high converting copy” for you. What is it actually? It’s a really bad quality software that you type words in to and it spits out a sentence that is supposed to be effective copy.

Two reasons why I would never recommend this to anyone.

  1. You can just Google “copywriting examples” and paste your own words in to them. That is exactly what this “premium software” does.
  2. Copywriting is an important skill that should be learned, not generated from some weird program.

If you want to become better at copywriting, don’t buy this garbage. Instead, read my free guide to copywriting. In it I also provide some great recommendations on the best books to read to improve your copy. There is truly an unlimited quantity of value that you can get from learning proper copywriting and it will improve the conversion rate of your funnels significantly.

Anyone starting an online business needs to learn this skill and inserting your writing in to pre made templates is just going to hurt your progress in the long run.

Funnel Hacking Live

If you haven’t gotten the vibe that ClickFunnels is a cult, you should have no doubt after this. Funnel Hacking live is an event where you will supposedly learn funnel hacks.

Of course there are bonuses included when you purchase one of these $1000 tickets. For example, you can get full suite access and heavily discounted ClickFunnels pricing. ClickFunnels events like this are really hyped up and very cult-like.

You will not learn anything actionable at this event. No marketing skills are taught at all. Rather, people will get on stage and start yelling and screaming like primates in an attempt to get you hyped up to buy some ridiculous $2000 package that will claim to make you a million bucks.

unlimited clickfunnel

Go ahead and watch a video on one of these events and you’ll see what I mean. Some people are somewhat composed in their speeches but most are treating it like some sort of motivational speech seminar.

Funnel Flix

Funnel Flix is a big collection of tons of courses put together by Russell Brunson. There is a lot of content included with this program. Everything from how to make money online to sales funnel training and more.

There is lot’s of content which type of funnel does what. I never knew there were so many types of funnels, like the webinar or phone call funnel for example.

There is no free trial for this course and it is a one time payment rather than per month payments. This is one of the most expensive ClickFunnels products that you can buy as well. You also get discounts for plans when you buy this course.

sales funnels 20

I think this course is a complete waste of money. Keep in mind, most of the ClickFunnels courses and products are gimmicky and not really that helpful. Purchasing all of them is not a good idea at all.

[Last Updated 2020]: Funnel Flix is now included in some of the plans so it doesn’t have to be purchased separately.

Traffic Secrets

Finally something worth getting. This and One Funnel Away are the only things I actually recommend buying from the ClickFunnels suite.

The Traffic Secrets book is a complete guide fully dedicated to mastering every traffic source. For the price, this book is great value. It’s free and you just cover the shipping which is around $9.

You can also get the audio book to which is nice. Audio books are great to connect to your car’s blue tooth while your driving. Try it out sometime.

This book sticks to the standard, proven traffic methods like Google/Bing search ads, SEO, social media and more. I give thanks to the fact that this book actually sticks to proven methods.

unlimited etison suite

Especially nowadays where there is an unlimited number of traffic methods that don’t work or aren’t evergreen.

Another bonus about Traffic Secrets is that you don’t need a ClickFunnels account which big step in the right direction in my opinion. I wouldn’t ever dream of going back to using ClickFunnels (in fact it’s the last software in the world that I would choose) so this was a big one for me.

Traffic secrets teaches many concepts like how to get people to actually click your ad or post, how the many funnels types can be applied, how funnel hacks can be used for different traffic sources, and more.

It’s one thing to know how to create effective sales funnels, driving traffic to your sales funnels is a whole other game.

This book teaches how to basically get unlimited traffic to your sales funnels and it is definitely one of the best products offered from ClickFunnels.


ClickFunnels Alternatives

There are way better tools for building funnels. Unlimited features are actually pretty common among some of these funnel builder alternatives. Trust me, you don’t need to spend anywhere near $297 per month to get access to unlimited features.


This is probably the best alternative in my opinion. Landing pages and funnels built with Unbounce load way faster than funnels built with ClickFunnels.

Not to mention, you can customize your funnels to a much further extent with this software compared to ClickFunnels.

There is of course a 14-day free trial and the lowest pricing allows 500,000 monthly visitors to your funnels compared to 20,000 monthly funnel visitors from ClickFunnels.

Not to mention, this lowest pricing is less than ClickFunnels and offers 75 landing pages or funnels as opposed to ClickFunnels which only offers 20 funnels. Also, with my discount you’ll be paying way less than $97 per month.


In fact, you can get the lowest plans for as low as $33.25 per month is you pay annually (12 months) through my discounted link. Even paying monthly is still way cheaper.

There is also a new feature called smart traffic which uses artificial intelligence to determine which of your landing pages variants will convert the highest for each individual visitor to your funnel. This feature alone just shows how Unbounce is literally light years ahead of ClickFunnels.

The problem is, ClickFunnels spends all of their time and money towards marketing their product whereas Unbounce actually focuses on their product itself and improving it’s quality.

The best part is, through this page only you can get a 20% discount off all monthly plans and 25% off all yearly payments. I’m able to offer this because Unbounce actually cares about their affiliates and hence gives them exclusive discounts to offer others.


Yet another excellent alternative. Leadpages pricing is really good and they also offer a 14-day free trial. Forget 297 per month or even 97 per month, prices with this software start at just $25 per month. In fact, if you only need the site builder then prices start at just $15 per month! Unlimited free hosting is included with everything as well.

This funnel builder has been around a lot longer than most and one really nice feature is unlimited traffic and leads on all plans. Also, you get a free custom domain. It’s just better all around and costs so much less.

I say ditch your ClickFunnels account and start your free trial with these guys instead. Your funnels and your sales will thank you later. Forget Funnel hacks.

Another thing to consider is that as you upgrade to higher pricing with this software, you get a lot more unlimited features. It seriously destroys Etison suite (or platinum) fora fraction of the price.

clickfunnel unlimited


Overall, I give ClickFunnels a big FAIL. The Traffic Secrets book and One Funnel Away are actually good but everything else sucks big time.

Why is it so popular then you ask? Two reasons:

  1. They have a huge affiliate program with pretty big payouts and tons of stuff to promote which means there are a lot of biased reviews online because everyone just wants their commissions.
  2. People don’t take 5 minutes to do a bit of research on what else is available for building funnels. Like I stated before, there are unlimited options and I’ve even shown the 2 best ones in my opinion.

Anyways, hopefully I’ve exposed the truth enough to steer you away from this toxic platform. At least now you know what to look for. Quality is key. See through the unlimited hordes of commission craving leeches and discover real, quality products like Unbounce and Leadpages.

Get it out of your head that there is some sort of secret called funnel hacks which is the key to success. It’s all just a big gimmick and shady sales tactic. Sometimes it just takes a reality check to clear the fog on what’s legit and what isn’t.

In this case, we have an illegitimate product that’s spiraled out of control and is taking over. My goal of this article is to bring light to this fact and expose the nasty truth behind why this low quality product has got so much hype. If I’ve succeeded in doing so, then I’m glad I’ve saved at least one person from getting their wallet siphoned by this company.

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