ClickFunnels: How Does It Work + 3 tips (Step by Step)

What is ClickFunnels all about?

I wanted to know the same thing about ClickFunnels, how to make money with it and what it does.

So I began researching, I started a free 14 day trial, I made money with it. Now, I feel qualified to tell you what ClickFunnels is, how it works and how it can benefit you.

ClickFunnels: How Does It Work?

Let’s start with the obvious question…

What Is ClickFunnels?

It’s similar to a website builder in that you can create landing pages or a series of web pages called a sales funnel. It also can be used as a website host, email service, and general hub for an online entrepreneur.

What’s So Special About A ClickFunnels Landing Page?

Once I first learned about what ClickFunnels is, my first question was,

“What makes this any different than creating a website or a page on a website with any other site builder like WordPress or Wix?”

The answer is the simplicity of the page or funnel of pages that you can create with ClickFunnels as well as the ease of creation.

ClickFunnels: How Does It Work

When you create a sales funnel with ClickFunnels, you choose exactly how each entire page looks, there are no side bars with ads, no footers with unwanted text, just the content you choose to drag and drop on to the page. This leaves the viewer of the content with no distractions and massively increases conversion rates for your offer.

What Does ClickFunnels Replace?

I’ll give a few examples of how you can use ClickFunnels to replace your current website pages.

Let’s say you have an ecommerce store. Your selling a product on this store by advertising your product page on Facebook, Instagram and/or Google. In this example, you can use ClickFunnels to replace your product page with a much more visually appealing sales funnel designed with ClickFunnels such as the 2-Step Tripwire funnel (I’ll explain what this is later).

Now let’s say you have a website that you promote to collect emails and you send affiliate offers to the email list. You can replace your email opt-in page with a ClickFunnels Squeeze Page. Again, I’ll explain what these different types of pages are and how you can create one.

Finally, let’s say you’re selling a course or even promoting a course as an affiliate from your website. You can replace your sales page with a ClickFunnels Live Webinar Page, or a Video Sales Funnel, or better yet you can test various funnels and landing pages with ClickFunnels to find the highest conversion rate possible.

ClickFunnels: How To Use It

From the various scenarios described above, ClickFunnels is used to essentially replace a page on your website with a funnel of pages or just a single page that you create with ClickFunnels.

When you sign up for ClickFunnels, you can start designing pages. Don’t worry though, the platform is so user friendly that it literally guides you through the whole process.

It goes a little something like this:

1. Choose the funnel type.

2. Select one of the many provided funnel templates or create your own from scratch.

3. Add elements/widgets. Insert links and payment integrations to your elements/widgets.

4. Make a domain name for the funnel or replace an existing one on your website.

5. Save the funnel so that you can customize or tweak it later (or share it with others).

How To Choose A Funnel

There are three main funnel types and there more than 22 specialty type funnels to choose from.

The Three Main Funnels For ClickFunnels

3 Main Funnel Types

1. Lead Capture Funnels

Used for capturing leads through an opt-in page. Could be a single opt-in page with just a email form or it could lead to another page if the viewer enters their email in the form for example. You could drag and drop a text box above the email form prompting the viewers to enter their email in exchange for a video course then funnel the lead to a video page when the user clicks submit on the form (just an example, you could do anything).

2. Sales Page Funnels

Used for selling a product or service. There are many templates to choose from but the general idea is that the first page of the funnel attracts, next page/pages build interest and the final page initiates the action/purchase.

3. Event Funnels

Used primarily for hosting an event such as a live webinar or automated webinar. The event funnel provides a clean looking page that keeps viewers focused on the video/event content.

Specialty Funnels For ClickFunnels

There many templates you can use for very specific scenarios or for promoting very speciific actions.

Funnel Types

An example of a specialty funnel:

2-Step Tripwire Funnel

This funnel has been tested and refined for selling a low ticket product followed by upselling an expensive product. If the customer rejects the expensive upsell, a downsell can be offered as well for a cheaper product in addition to the low ticket product. This funnel is easy to implement and you just replace the elements with your content and you can have it up and running in literally seconds!

What Can ClickFunnels Do For You?

I really believe that ClickFunnels can improve your online business model significantly. The capabilities of this platform are practically limitless and my experience with it so far has been life changing.

I hope you try it out yourself and I strongly encourage you to start the ClickFunnels 14 day completely free trial.

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