Hey there, my name is Brendan.

I’ve been using ClickFunnels for over two years now and I have become very experienced.  With almost 1 million dollars earned exclusively from ClickFunnels, I believe that I have a lot of knowledge to provide for anyone who wants to start earning money with ClickFunnels.

Most of my life, I conformed to society and social norms.  Went to school, then university, then starting working a 9-5 job.  This is the path that a very large percentage of people take, there is nothing wrong with it though.  I just wanted more, I didn’t care that people told me it was impossible to make money online.

When I saw people from the 3 comma club on ClickFunnels I thought, “Why can’t I be part of this club too?”.  The answer is that there is no reason, and I am well on my way to becoming part of that club and I would like you to join me!

This blog will help you tremendously and will make you realize that nearly any business model can benefit a lot from ClickFunnels.

If your reading one of my articles and have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will help you out!